In our increasingly stressful and busy lives, it can be difficult to find time to get presentable in the morning, let alone pamper ourselves to salon standards. But what if there was a way, a cheat sheet you missed, that could help you to become preened to a level that would rival Jennifer Anniston, in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the cost? Get ready for the top 10 life-changing Beauty Hacks which are about to rock your world…

1. Hot water and lemon

Start each day with boiled water and a slice of lemon. It kick starts your metabolism, freshens your mouth and generally makes you feel golden

2. Seal nails with Seche Vite

Waiting for your nails to dry is an accident waiting to happen. Seche Vite is a little miracle in a bottle which gives your nails a hard topcoat and makes your varnish last longer. The added bonus? It makes them dry almost instantly.

3. Hairspray kirby grips

Adding a light layer of hairspray to your kirby pins (that’s Bobby Pins to you sisters across the pond) before creating an updo helps them to stick and keep hair in place. Of course you should also put them in the opposite way to how you’ve always been taught – turns out we were doing it wrong all along.

4. Create a sock bun
This is the neatest little hair trick for when you haven’t got the time of energy to mess around with a donut. This video gives a great example of how to do it. Just make sure you carry a spare sock or you’ll have to risk going barefoot to get that perfect up do.

5. Homemade body scrub
Mix together olive oil and crushed sea salt for a fabulous body scrub that will leave legs super, super smooth. Like a baby’s bum.

6. Ask for beauty samples
Did you know that if you ask nicely in most department/beauty stores they’ll provide you with a small sample pot of foundation to try out? The same thing goes for perfume too – ideal for adding to party favours or to take in your handbag on a night out.

7. Use handcream instead of serum to smooth fly aways and tips
Serume is really just hand cream anyway so ditch the expense and smooth flyaway ends with a little moisturiser instead. This is also a good hack if you’re trying to save suitcase space on a trip away.

8. Use a toothbrush as an eyebrow tamer
There is no day like a sexy eyebrow day and that little brush you get on the end of your eyebrow pencil is often not enough to tame those bad boys. Instead, use a clean, new toothbrush to tame your brows. You’ll never look back.

9. Use conditioner instead of shaving gel
Not only does it smell better, it actually provides a better shave and leaves legs feeling silky smooth and smelling great. Chances are, you’ve also always got this in your shower room -result!

10. Moisturise cuticles with olive oil
This little beauty really does transform the look of your nails and will save you endless hours and money trying to get the same effect in the salon.

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