You have never quite experienced anything like cohabiting with a significant number of other females. At times, it is probably more traumatic than childbirth. You will face many different issues and problems but oh, is it worth it.


1. Boyfriends. It is likely that a few of your housemates will have a significant other, which is nice. So long as you aren’t the housemate who has been on 5 failed Tinder dates in the last two months. And when they do, it poses so many questions like, is it acceptable to walk around in your animal onesie with 3 day old hair and last nights make up while there is an actual boy in the house? You will also realise the awkwardness of being woken up by odd noises, which makes you question how long it will be until you can look your housemate in the eye again.

2. What’s yours is mine… Erm. No, my new Topshop jumper is definitely not yours and definitely not an ‘it’ll be okay, they won’t mind’ item. Neither is my Aussie shampoo, which is the reason I’m having microwavable pie for tea tonight. Again.

3. Sickness. It’s inevitable that your roomies will get sick at some point and those germs will spread like wild fire. You will also realise that you now live with a handful of girls that all have synced menstrual cycles. Beautiful.

4. Sharing. Can I borrow a razor/potato/packet of crisps/tampon? Borrow? You will never see that razor again.

5. The Mess. When you decided to exchange Halls for a pretty little house, your thoughts consisted of no more mess, no boys and no more toe nail clippings on the carpet. Wrong. So wrong. The grossness you will see will honestly shock and surprise you. Girls really do have a knack for piling cupboards worth of pots, pans and plates on top of one other, it’s like kitchen Jenga. Although you probably don’t find clumps of mashed potato or old tea bags in an actual game of Jenga. However annoying it is, it’s impressive.

6. Hair EVERYWHERE. Literally, it will not escape you. There is something special about making your bed and finding a number of each housemate’s hairs in there. How? This will become an absolute nightmare when it comes to clearing out the bath/shower plug holes.

7. Day trips. Venturing out of the house for anything together, even if it’s just a communal trip to the corner shop to get that Mars Bar you desperately need could take approximately half an hour, if not more. You may want to times that by six for an actual night out. There will always be the one girl who must put another layer of lippy on and go over the contouring that took her 45 minutes to perfect, even though she can now barely stand (FYI, that’s me).

8. Relaxation. There’s something special about days off when you live with all girls (even if you are actually meant to be in a three hour lecture that day). They will make up some of your funniest memories and make you glad that your housemates lead exciting lives because who doesn’t love a two-hour debrief about their weekend?

9. The arguments. One day, you will fall out. Prepare for it. WW3 is about to happen.

Things That Only Happen When You Live With Girls

This feeling will happen a few times too.

10. Washing. Your kitchen/living room/landing space will all resemble the landrette from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Just minus the singing mum.

11. If they’re doing it.. The majority of your housemates are going out tonight to the club with £1 drinks and a floor that resembles an infants messy face. You will not get away with not attending. Someone’s ordering a takeaway? The likelihood you will all end up having a second tea is very likely. God ‘sakes peer pressure.

12. The food. There will be someone who seems to have the cooking abilities of a contestant who would get all 9s on Come Dine With Me. It’s sad when your own cooking abilities stretch to whatever your mum has made and froze for you this term. “Do you want me to make your tea tonight?” is the best thing they could ever say and the answer will be yes. Always yes.

13. The truth of it. No matter how stressful it may be, how many tears you shed, how many times you will be late for university because the bathroom has been occupied for a good half an hour, it will be the best thing ever and you know for definite that these gross little human beings will be friends for life. Maybe not the one who eats their own hair though.

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Catherin McGuinn

Catherine is currently in her second year of university, studying sociology. She writes her own blog, based around the absolute trauma that becoming and being a 20 something student involves.

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