1. No other human being would be willing to go through the pain and torture that childbirth and bringing up a child involves and still be able to say that they love you.

2. You probably won’t come across many people who will give you the advice a mother can and how ever wrong you may think it is, most of the time, it will turn out to be completely right.

3. She will always know exactly how to make you the perfect cup of tea. And it solves everything.

4. She won’t be that mad when you come home at half four in the morning and wake the whole house up, she’ll just be happy that you’re home safely.

5. She can make you laugh like a friend and there is nothing quite like the quirkiness a Mum’s humour holds.

6. A Mum’s hug can make the whole world and your problems disappear for a little while.

7. You wouldn’t let an ordinary friend dress you the way your Mother did when you were a child and get away with it. Even if she does swear it was ‘fashionable’ at the time.

8. She’s one of the only people in the world who would move mountains for you and no matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you’re in trouble, she’s the one you’re going to call.

9. It isn’t abnormal to have over 4 phone conversations in one day, or text one another practically every waking minute. If it was anyone else, they would get a restraining order.

10. If she has a KitKat and you want it, it will be yours.

11. You’ll be her toughest critic, but she will never be yours unless it’s filled with love and reasoning.

12. She knows never to give you frozen roast potatoes.

13. You both know what kind of moods one another are in and even if you’re acting like Kim Kardashian on a breakdown she won’t love you any less (maybe just dislike you for a few hours).

14. You’ll never meet anyone who wants the absolute best for you in everything you do.

15. She’ll be the most selfless, caring, loving and supportive human you will have the pleasure of meeting and she’s all yours.


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Catherin McGuinn

Catherine is currently in her second year of university, studying sociology. She writes her own blog, based around the absolute trauma that becoming and being a 20 something student involves.

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