The Christmas work do. Never is there such a simultaneously awesome and terrifying experience. Oversharing can be a problem and the struggle of what-to-wear is real, yet it is one of the yearly occasions that helps us to bond with our colleagues and let loose on a year’s worth of stresses and challenges. For free. Embrace it, enjoy it but just know, that these 15 signs mean it’s time to go home party girl.

1. When you’re dithering between batting away the advances of one of your more drunk colleagues and trying to get closer to your own office crush because they just have to know how muscly their arms looked in that T-shirt yesterday.

2. When you decide that it is an excellent idea to buy every single colleague a shot, despite the fact that you haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet and won’t be paid again for at least 6 weeks

3. Then going on to drink at least five of the shots to make up for the colleagues you can’t find

4. When you start to tell the miserable PA that she could be so much prettier if she just smiled more 

5. When you reach the point where you’re singing every single lyric to every single song loudly because LIFE

6. When you feel confident enough to take to the dance floor, channelling someone who likes to slut drop on every alternate beat

7. When you start to wonder what it would be like to have sex with your boss.

8. When the colleague you’ve never spoken to suddenly becomes your BFF and you unload every single thought you’ve ever had about the company over a five year period

9. When you suddenly find yourself crying historically asking a girl from your office why she doesn’t like you

10. When stealing a bar menu suddenly becomes the funniest thing ever, despite the bouncer heading your way as you try to cram it into your clutch bag

11. When you decide that now would be the perfect moment to discuss your performance with your boss, where you will subtly hint about that pay rise you’ve been looking for. Be cool guys, it’s just a normal day.

12. When every opportunity has become a photo opportunity that must be put onto Facebook immediately. Twice, because who knows if it even uploaded that first time.

13. When you decide it’s time to take over from the resident DJ so you can finally play the amount of Drake you was hoping for

14. At the point when you fall over and wipe out everyone’s drinks plus a colleague or two. I DON’T KNOW WHAT JUST HAPPENED

15. When you jump on the back off your Work BFF shouting ‘Take me to the bar’

Oh what do we know, get yourself another shot.

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Beth Gladstone

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