Some powerful affirmations to remember on those days when you’re not feeling so great and you think your body is the cause. To help all of us to learn about our bodies, love them and be proud of them. Because there are too many insidious messages out there that say otherwise.

1. A Victoria Secret’s model has a full time job to make her body look a certain way. If you had that job, you’d nail it too.

2. No one else has a right to your body. Not on the tube, not at home, not at work. You don’t owe anyone, anything and you certainly don’t owe them anything from your body.

3. When people feel the need to comment on your body, it’s usually because they want to get in first before anyone can comment on theirs. Let them have their say and be firm in the belief that putting someone else’s body down doesn’t make you feel any better about your own.

4. When others tell us that we need to lose weight what they are really saying is ‘you are taking up too much space in this world”. To which you need to wonder who they are to decide how much space you deserve to take up?

5. You have to live inside your body for a long time, it’s good to learn to like it.

how to love your body

6. Somewhere out there, someone is wishing they had your body and the journey you’ve taken to get it. Be grateful that it’s yours.

7. Your body is designed to tell you what it needs. It’s why you crave orange juice when you’re ill and why it gives out on you when you’re run down. Learn to tune in to it and you won’t need Doctors, adverts or work colleagues to learn what it needs.

8. Learn to love your body as the thing that let’s you run, walk, dance, hug and love. It’s a pretty amazing thing when you think about it.

9. It doesn’t matter how fit you are, everyone looks good when they’re really going for it in an exercise class. What you call a sweaty, red mess, actually comes across as a determined, ambitious human being who is trying to better themselves. Hot.

10. Water, exercise, fresh, brightly coloured foods and lean meats. Complex carbohydrates after exercise, always. The occasional treat. Stick with this and you can’t really go wrong when it comes to fuelling your body.

11. Food is not your body’s natural enemy. The people who tell you it is, are.

12. If you’re not happy with your body now, then when?

13. No matter how long it takes, find at least one outfit that makes you feel really, really good. Wear it often.

14. Your body is the home of your personality. It is not a reflection of it.

15. Saying that you ‘feel fat’ is not a feeling it is a thought. In which case, it can be ignored, changed or revised. It’s all up to you.

16. The media have been trying to tell women for years that we should be delicate, frail and thin. When in truth, we are made up of the same materials as men and need muscle, strength and power. Being told that we aren’t allowed to have strong, toned bodies should make us all the more determined to get them.

positive things to remember about your body

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