Starting out in the workplace can be terrifying. It’s like high-school all over again, just with the added anxiety of trying to work the coffee machine. Luckily, you’ll usually meet a work friend who will get you through. On first look, you may not think you have much in common. Then either by default of sitting next to each other every day for a year, or because it was just freaking destiny, suddenly you’re work BFFs. And there are these 16 things, that only you and her understand.

things only your work BFF understands


1. Fat Fridays. The rules are simple: no one is to mention how much the other ones eats because it is Friday and on Fridays, there are no calories and lots of carbs.

2. Payday. Also known as Sushi lunch day, ASOS order day and after-work cocktails day. No fun activity can be turned down on this day, regardless of how skint it may make you for the rest of the month.

3. Asking each other stupid questions. Because if you’re asking each other then you can’t be asking other people and duh you don’t want to look stupid.

4. Giving each other ‘The Look’ when that one colleague who bugs you both does something really annoying.

5. Discussing completely gross and weird sex things and finding out much more information about your Work Wifey than you ever should, or would ever, want to know.

6. Becoming absolute gossip mongers everytime you break for lunch together but not really caring because Oh My God did you see what the new intern just did…

7. Taking phonecalls for each other and coming up with suitable lies to get rid of annoying clients/bosses or customers. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

8. Knowing that the only acceptable response to ‘I’m bored’ or ‘How can it only be Tuesday’ should be ‘Me too’

9. Mid-week hangovers. You’ve been there, she’s been there. Just get the bacon.

10. Filling them in on every single detail of your life outside of work, because God forbid you should do something without telling them about it first.

11. Making vows to start new regimes together on a weekly basis, like going to the gym after work or bringing in lunch from home.

12. Breaking those vows.

13. Simultaneously bursting into laughter after one of you has said something hilarious on Skype. Cue weird looks from around the office…

14. The pure sadness when the other goes on holiday for a week. Bitch.

15. The unspoken agreement not to interrupt the other after the headphones have gone in. Just don’t be that guy.

16. Meeting up after one of you leaves, for ‘old times sake’ and talking about exactly the same stuff and the same people you spoke about when you were there.


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Beth Gladstone

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