December. There’s no doubt about it, it’s magical. For many people, it’s the best time of year and it’s not hard to see why; great food, a chance to indulge in the best company and other soft and cozy moments that come hand-in-hand with the festive season. And while Love Actually would have you believe that the only way to see in the season, is in the arms of a man, there are so many other ways a woman could be getting off this season. Our moments of euphoria aren’t confined to the bedroom. They’re going on in shops, at dinner tables, in the comfort of our own homes, after dark, while we’re out and while we’re alone. And no, this isn’t some kind of dodgy porno scenario. These are the 20 orgasms every woman has in December which aren’t related to sex at all.


Yankee Candles

Christmas Cookie. Angel’s Wings, Candy Cane Lane. They sound as good as they smell and you just can’t inhale enough.

The Selfridges Window

So Christmassy. It’s like Santa’s Grotto for adults and boy do you just want to climb right on in.


Cosy, stylish, it hides the extra pigs in blankets and yet that still hints at what’s underneath. Give. Me. More.

Icy mornings

It may feel cold, but it just looks so pretty. So much weather love, so much.

Hearing All I Want For Christmas come on in a shop and knowing that Christmas is here


Mulled wine

So wrong it’s kind of right and with that much fruit, it’s the healthiest buzz you’ve ever had.

Putting the Christmas tree up

A momentous occasion and one that must be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so that your friends, family and anyone else you’ve ever known can have a mini-orgasm too.

Christmas markets

Massive German sausages and all your presents wrapped up in one hit. Get me there now.

Hitting midnight at your local pub on Xmas eve

Looking good, feeling good and reminiscing about every good memory you’ve ever had since ‘99. It’s a good feeling!

New boots

Hot. As. Hell. The higher up the leg, the better.

The Victoria’s Secret show

Seeing that much hottness in one hit and knowing that in no way are you ever expected to look that good in a crystal bra and thong. Now hand me that fourth Turkey sandwich kind Sir.

Wrap scarves

It will get you every time you put it on. Every time!

Getting into bed after a night out

Doesn’t matter how good your night out was, this is better.

Hotty water bottles

Is there anything more erotic than getting into bed with your hot water bottle? Nope, didn’t think so.

Christmas jumper day

Seeing everyone look like plonkers and yet still feeling completely buzzed about how much Christmas spirit there is in the room.

The last day at work before the holidays

Knowing that no one expects anything of you and yet you’re still getting paid to be there might just be the best feeling ever.

Animals. In dress-up

It’s what December’s all about baby. Sooooo cute!

Fresh, new PJs

Nothing says Pajama party more than fresh, crisp new ones. And EVERYONE gets new ones for Christmas. It’s the law.

Hearing Michael Bublé sing Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Toasty warm in here, Mikey boy.

Sitting at home in the warm, with the Christmas lights on and a glass of something bubbly in your hand.

Warm feelings from head to toe.


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