The relationship between siblings is like no other and the relationship between sisters is even more unique. Sure, your big sister may have hated you at times but she was also your first friend. Here are the 20 reasons why every girl needs a big sister:

She gives you honest advice, no judgement

Your family are much more honest with their opinion than your friends because when you have unconditional love, you don’t have to worry about upsetting someone with the truth. You can’t really ask your Pops’ advice on your latest dating escapade so when it comes to advice, your big Sister is the only one who will give it to you straight.

She’s your style icon

Ever since you can remember you’ve idolised her style and the older you’ve got the more you look to her for ideas and inspiration. She won’t let you dress in exactly the same outfit anymore, but she’s definitely someone you go to when you need some style advice.

She always shares

She was taught from a young age that what’s hers is yours, and luckily for you, she’s still upholding the value.

She’s the only one who appreciates your family’s quirkisms

You can bitch about your family with your best friend, but portraying just how special your family dynamics are to anyone else, is near on impossible.  It also means you won’t get mad when she joins in on the bitching, because she’s family too and that’s what families do.

Olsen twins blah blah

She provides you with a real figure to look up to

Sabrina was great and Kim Kardashian’s abs are the definition of ambition, but when you need a real life figure to look up to, one that isn’t airbrushed or paid for, your big sister is the one you look to. She won’t sugarcoat the journey of how she’s got to where she is, but that only spurs you on and makes you want it even more.

She’s the only one who really gets your childhood

You’re not sure why you had to to play weird games about your house burning down, or the next door neighbour being a witch, but if anyone’s going to know why, it’s her.

She’s always got your back

Whether it’s covering for you when you stayed out all night or giving a talking to the girl who’s saying bitchy stuff about you on Twitter, your big sister will always have your back.

She helps you look cool in front of your friends

She’s older, so naturally, she had the driving license, the ID and the Saturday job first. If she wasn’t buying you WKDs before your big night at the park, then she was letting you borrow her photocard to go clubbing. Even the association of being her little sister sometimes made you cool.

Sister Sister GIF

She understands how weird you really are, because she is too

You do things in front of her that you would only otherwise do alone. For some unexplained reason, there’s a weirdness that only ever comes out when you’re in the presence of your sibling and she knows about it too.

She keeps your secrets

From little secrets like your schoolgirl crush, to big secrets like the time you missed your train home and had to sleep in the park. She’s taking them to the grave.

She likes the same snacks as you

Growing up at the same table dinner gave you many of the same tastes which means pigging out with your big sister is the best. She’s down with adding cheese to everything and won’t judge you for eating chocolate digestives for breakfast.

She knows how to make you feel safe

She knows all of your irrational fears, where they came from and what you have to do to get past them. So if you need to hold her hand while flying, or if you want to wear your tatty PJs all day because you’re feeling sad, that’s cool with her.

Do you want to build a snowman Frozen GIF

She breaks the barriers

She was the first to go out, to have sleepovers, to move out and to have kids, so luckily for you, she fought the battles that made it okay for you to do it too.

She gives you nieces and nephews

You get to experience all the joy and love of having kids in your life, without having to have them yourself. While she does the tough stuff, you get to do sleepovers, playbarns and storytime. Best. Day. Ever.

She makes you laugh

Growing up together gave you so many ‘in’ jokes that you’re not even sure where half of them started. Sometimes all it takes is a phrase or look and she’ll have you in stitches over something that happened ten years ago.

She’s the only one who remembers the dance routines you made up as kids

And who will still let you pull it out at family gatherings.

Monica and Ross 'The Routine'

She celebrates your successes

She’s seen you throw up over yourself after one too many Lambrinis, so there’s no way she gets jealous when you’re finally living the highlife. Your big sister is your number one cheerleader and will always, always celebrate your success.

She knows what you like

So thankfully, you’re guaranteed to get at least one decent christmas present from your Mum/Boyfriend/Nan when they ask her opinion.

She makes boring functions bearable

And actually, if she’s not there, you’re not sure you will be either.

She’s the best friend you’ll ever have

Your big sister will love you unconditionally, with just the right balance of friend and family to keep you safe and happy. She doesn’t care if you’re a CEO or a waitress, because she’s your big sister and as long as you’re happy, so is she.

The Parent Trap sisters


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