Thanks to ITV, people from all over the UK now want to be on the Towie trail. Fortunately for them, there’s much more to see than just the starry spots that span Brentwood between Minnie’s boutique and Chloe’s salon. And the best places for them to go? Anywhere that people who are actually from Essex just can’t even bear. So if you want to get a full experience of what this magnificent county has to offer here are the 21 Essex landmarks that people who are from Essex seriously just can’t even….


1. Ingatestone

Looks like Essex. Sounds like Cornwall.

Ingatestone in Essex


2. Sugarhut

You’ve had to remorgage your parent’s house just to get in and you haven’t seen Kirk all night. *Sob*


Image via


3. Southend airport

One conveyer belt and they don’t even check your passport.


Image via Wikipedia


4. Chigwell Virgin Active

To have an £80 per month workout, not to ogle footballers of course.

Virgin Active Chigwell

Image via Buckhursthill Search


5. Lakeside

Chav’s paradise.


Image via Wikipedia


6. Bluewater

Slightly more middle-class chav’s paradise.

Bluewater Shopping Centre

Image via TedBaker Blog


7. Clacton pier

Wait, Clacton isn’t really in Essex is it?


Image via Piotr Kuczynski 


8. Sheesh

Good food, lots of staring.

Sheesh Chigwell

Image via


9. Billericay

The place we all thought was in Spain, until we went to the Ivory rooms and learned better.

Ivory Rooms

Image via


10. 195

The place where everyone goes to not dance.


Image via


11. Nu Bar

A sure fire way to meet a footballer and develop claustrophobia.

Nu Bar

Image via Birthday Cash


12. North Weald Market

The best place to buy Lacoste t-shirts and six stripe trainers.

North Weald Market

Image via Epping Forest Council, Flickr


13. Peter Pan’s World

The only place to spend your childhood. Obsv.


Image via


14. Braintree Freeport

The furthest place you could ever travel to not buy anything.

Freeport Braintree

Image via


15. Bas Vegas 

The sign. That is all.

Basildon sign

Image via


16. Minnie’s Boutique

Minnie's Boutique

Disappointing clothes, nice manageress’.


17. Queen’s Road 

To see and be seen.

Queen's Road

Image via Property Link


18. Colchester Zoo

Where all good first dates happen.

Colchester Zoo

Image via


19. Abbey Taverna

Because where else would you get drunk on your Christmas do.


Image via TripAdvisor


20. Joy Fook

Because the Abbey Taverna was full.

Joy Fook

Image via Brentwood Gazette


21. Top Golf

Where you spend all 20 balls trying to hit the man in the cart.


Image via Golf Week


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