Being a teenager is a confusing and terrifying time. Between your parents and your non-existent breasts, you weren’t sure who was trying to ruin your life more. And chances are, if you grew up in the 00s you liked many of the ‘basic’ pleasures the decade had to offer. I was the most basic of them all, give me a Tammy-Girl T-shirt and a Sugarbabes track and I was anyones. Blame the lack of internets and iPads if you like.

Here are the 22 signs that you too, were a basic teenager in the 00s:


1. Your ultimate life goal was to get a Tiffany’s heart bracelet

basic teenager in the 00ssource


2. So…Kiss me was your signature scent

teenager in the 00ssource

Come at me boys.


3. Mizz and sugar were your guides to life

basic teenager in the 00sSource

Even if they did make you completely paranoid that you were going to get TSS and die.


4. Gareth Gates made you swoon

gareth gates basic teenager in the 00ssource


5. Second only to Chad Michael Murray.

basic teenager in the 00ssource


6. You wore skorts the first time round

basic teenager in the 00sSource

Except these ones were in DENIM


7. Your first experience of alcohol was WKD

basic teenager in the 00ssource

So DRUNK right now (and bloated)


8. You composed ringtones on your Nokia 3310

basic teenager in the 00ssource

Even if they did make you feel like your thumbs were about to fall off


9. You didn’t go anywhere without your fake hairband

basic teenager in the 00ssource

And no, we don’t mean glorious extensions. They were way out of your price range so you had to make do with a fake plait two shades darker than your hair.


10. Jessica Simpson was your hero

basic teenager in the 00ssource

And you were SO going to wait until you were married too


11. As was Britney

basic teenager in the 00ssource

Slave 4 u = The sexiest thing you had EVER seen


12. Your underwear of choice was cute little thongs from Tammy Girl that said ‘wild chick’ and ‘cutie’ on the front

basic teenager in the 00ssource


13. Your life wasn’t complete until you had a pair of yeti boots

00s teenagerssource


14. And those little camis that had built in bras

00s teenagerssource

For all of the boobs you had


15. You got your belly button pierced and invested in many a sparkly belly-bar

00s teenager belly button piercingsource


The danglier the better.


16. You wore bangles up to your elbows

friendship bracelet 90s childsource


17. You loved Bring It On and learnt all the cheers

bring it on 90s childsource

I said Brrrr….


18. You played on sites like Habbo hotel which was both exciting and terrifying

habbo-hotel 90sSource

And your character had BOOBS


19. Usher’s Confessions album pretty much summed up your life

usher confessions 00s childsource


20. You thought Love Actually was the most romantic thing you had ever seen

love actually 00s childsource


21. Your had your hair feathered to within an inch of its life

hair styles in the 00s ashlee simpsonsource


22. You would have done anything to have owned one of these

basic 00s teenagersource



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