If you’re a twenty-something female who got excited about the John Lewis Christmas ad, the arrival of red cups at Starbucks or Benedict’s engagement this week, chances are you will have been called basic.

‘Basic Bitch’ first originated in hip hop culture, used to describe a woman who is unoriginal, undesirable or mindless. This has since transcended into mainstream ‘white’ middleclass culture, in order to describe a woman who is so terminally boring, so absolutely basic in her needs, interests and visions in life that she is practically a carbon cut out of all similar women who came before her.

Just like Bitch, Bossy and Feminist, Basic Bitch is another term used in a derogatory way, to downsize women and to dismiss their interests. If you don’t believe me, consider this: do men have similar interests? Do they get called ‘Basic’? No, no they do not.

In a blanket assumption about what it means to be basic, a whole list of tasks, hobbies and enjoyments that most twenty-something women enjoy get used to put them down and categorise them. It similarly assumes that just because someone likes Taylor Swift, they can’t also enjoy classical, rock or reggae. That because they take pleasure from some of the more simple things in life, they can’t also have dreams, hopes and sky-high aspirations.

So in the manner of reclaiming basic and using it to celebrate our similarities, rather than dismiss them, here are the 24 things why for me, being basic is absolutely ace.

1. Bubblebaths. Hot, bubbly, pools of goodness that soothe aching backs, sore feet and generally take away the stresses and strains of daily life. For extra basic goodness, add wine.

2. Chick flicks. The first thing we bonded over at sleepovers and our go-to comfort blanket for hangovers. Top 3? Clueless, Pitch Perfect and The Notebook. Obsv.

3. Taylor Swift. A beautiful, talented woman who looks great, writes her own music and never misses a beat.

4. Halloween. Birthdays and Christmas are also perfectly acceptable dressing up occasions, but there is just something about that Halloween that induces an intense need to dress up and get drunk. Meow.

5. Diet coke. In a can. We know it’s rotting our insides but the opening click and hiss of that little can brings so much joy to our lives.

6. Cocktails. Sugary sweet, with just enough of an alcohol kick to get us merry. Plus, ‘going for cocktails’ sounds so much more classy than ‘going for drinks’. Am I right?

7. Starbucks christmas lattes. The red cup is the signifier of so much more than just the delicious Gingery drink inside it. It signals frosty mornings, cosy evenings and best of all – Christmas.

8. Our relationship with carbs. We hate them, but we love them too. They’re our answer to a bad day, a breakup, a Friday night, a hangover and just about anything else that can be solved by a solid plate of Carbonara and a great big bar of Dairy Milk.

9. Asos. We’ll never be able to look at half of what’s on there, because it’s just one endless black hole of tops and skirts and dresses that we didn’t even know we needed. And we love it.

10. Mean girls quotes. They never get old! Quoting Mean Girls is like a birthright for those born in the 90s or 00s. It is and will always be, so fetch.

11. Young adult fiction novels. Twilight, the hunger games and ALL THAT OTHER GOOD STUFF. Particularly if the film stars hotties like Theo James and Taylor Lautner. Sigh.

12. Autumn. Because anyone can look good in a jeans, jumper, boots combo.

13. The John Lewis Christmas ad. Hands up who wants a Penguin right now? You did it again, Johno.

14. Instagram. Our ultimate fitspo, outfit inspiration and just general validation that yes, our lunch did look much better than it tasted

15. Sex and the City. We know Carrie is kind of a douche, but strangely we just don’t care.

16. Throwback Thursday. Particularly if it involves a pic of you at 16, when you were so much hotter, younger and blonder. LOLs

17. 00s Nostalgia. Followed by loudly exclaiming how OLD you are now and how kids these days have got it so good with their iPhones and computer games.

18. Frozen. It doesn’t matter that it’s target audience is about 15 years younger than you, you knew Idina Menzel first okay.

19. Worshipping Beyonce. #Lifegoals

20. Girls on HBO. The mother ship has invited you home.

21. Yankee candles. Smelling good, looking good and creating good instagram pics. Like a little jar of heaven.

22. Blow drys. The bigger and bouncier, the better.

23. Prosecco. Cooler than wine, tastier than champagne. It gives you the mother of all hangovers, but you just can’t resist the delight that those little bubbles bring.

24. List blogposts. Because how else would you remember just how many ‘basic’ things you love?


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Beth Gladstone

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  1. disastersofathirtysomething / July 9, 2015 at 12:20 pm /Reply

    Haha yes to pretty much all of these – especially….all of them! Too hard to list. Diet Coke, SATC, Mean Girls, Yankee candles…clearly I’m basic as hell but I don’t care!

    • Beth Gladstone / July 15, 2015 at 11:34 am /Reply

      All the best people are! 😉 so pleased you enjoyed the post x

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