Most of us spent our teenage years begging to be grown-up and going out of our way to prove to our parents that we were ready to make adult decisions. It’s only when you actually become an adult that some of that sparkle wears off. Sure you might have bank accounts and bills and more on your agenda than just getting wasted, but deep down you’re still an 18-year old party girl right? It’s a sad day when some of that goodness wears off and you realise that you’re not 18 any more and that neither your stomach, nor your bank balance, can handle 10 Jaeger-Bombs in a row any longer. Here are some of the signs that tell you that you’re just not 18 anymore:


1. You see friends at birthdays or big occasions, because the time inbetween is now filled with boxsets, sleeping oh, and more boxsets

2. You no longer struggle to choose between 10 pics for your FB profile picture, because the last photo taken of you was in 2011 and you’re pretty sure that’s the best it’s gonna get

3. You get up before 10 on a Saturday because duh, you don’t want to waste the day

4. You no longer spend 2 hours getting ready for a night out and sometimes, you even wear the same outfit twice

5. You know what a savings account is and you dedicate £5 per month to one. Such a grown up.

6. You eat leftovers, other than pizza, for lunch

7. When a friend tells you she’s pregnant you’re response is ‘Congratulations!!’ rather than ‘Oh shit’

8. You make no effort to stay up to date with the latest music. Your iPhone consists of the Kisstory app and an old Maroon 5 album and you don’t care who knows it

9. You feel tipsy after one glass of wine. And hungover after 2.

10. You used to get Facebook requests from hot guys, now it’s just Aunts and Grandparents

11. You’d rather get a cab or arrange a lift home then crash out at a friend’s and wake up not in your own bed

12. Pub quiz? You’ll be there

13. Someone from your year at school got married. MARRIED.

14. You realise that you kind of like your family and wouldn’t mind checking up on them once in a while

15. For three evenings a week your routine is strictly work-home-dinner-bed and you don’t pretend any different

16. You’ve decided to sacrifice 30 Primark tops in favour of one expensive piece that you will have to *save* for

17. Your lips no longer swim in bubblegum pink gloss, because actually, Lipstick is just so much nicer (and more practical)

18. The bands that were your favourite when you were a teenage are starting to have reunions

19. You stop after 5 drinks instead of 10, because oh dear God, the hangovers

20. You’ve decided that any holiday destination that contains a ‘strip’ is not for you

21. Your idea of world events now extends beyond the gap between your house and the local co-op and you’re actually pretty gutted about the political situation in Syria

22. Homeware. Just all the homeware.

23. You eat Toast for dinner one night a week now, as opposed to seven

24. You have days dedicated to ‘life admin’

25. You can buy a bottle of Vodka, safe in the knowledge it will last longer than 24 hours


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Beth Gladstone

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