27 Amazing Feelings That All Women Know

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Splurging on ASOS is about one of the damnest things that makes me all the happy. As does generally spending money on any and everything. But you know what’s even better than that? All of those little feelings throughout the day that get you through, those little ‘ahhh’ moments of blissful happiness where you forget for a minute or two that you have deadlines and cramps and that your bank balance is dangerously close to zero. So let’s celebrate them sisters, because ain’t no one else who understands like we do….

1. When you get home and remove bra, hair band and watch from your body. Be gone crushing constraints, girl needs to be.

2. That first sip of wine on a Friday night, when it still tastes good and not like you might bring it back up at any moment. You deserve this.

3. When you turn up to an event or party where you don’t know anyone and spot an acquaintance across the room. I KNOW YOU.

4. Coming on your period and feeling that moment of relief that all crazy behaviour/food binges/weird cries/tummy bloats can be attributed to that and not your instability as a human being.

5. Trying on jeans and realising that you need the next size down. Get this girl a Dominos.

6. When you wake up late on a hair wash morning and your 3-day old hair is a total babe and conforms to a perfect messy bun. Sweet strands, I owe you.

7. The immediate sass you get when your jam comes on in the club

8. Sinking into fresh bed sheets on a Sunday evening…

9. Having a cool-looking girl smile or compliment you on the tube. Maybe all girls aren’t the spawn of satan?

10. Telling a friend about something weird/disgusting or deep that you’ve been dealing with and the relief of them having had EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

11. Going to buy something on Feel Unique or ASOS and finding a 10% off code. God, is that you?

12. Hearing the dentist say ‘Yup, all looks fine’

13. When you forget that the latest episode of your favourite show has come out. YES LIFE.

14. The sun coming out when you feel/look like crap and you can let your sunglasses take you from a 3 to a 6.

15. When you realise you’ve got an entire night in to yourself. Harry Potter or Elf first?

16. Finishing an exercise class and realising that you’re still alive. Like, should I sign up for a marathon now or what?

17. The feeling of heading out with old friends and gossiping about every single person you’ve ever known. STACEY’S PREGNANT? NO WAY

18. Going out for an Autumn walk and feeling a shock of amazement at how beautiful the world around you is.

19. When you read a blogpost or article that sums up exactly how you feel and you realise you are completely 100% normal.

20. When a child or pet chooses to come to you over someone else. *Smug smile*

21. Going to the hairdressers and them telling you “wow your hair has got so long!”

22. When plans that you really couldn’t be bothered to go through with suddenly get cancelled at the last minute. HELLO NETFLIX.

23. Getting home from a long day in the City and sinking into piping hot bath water. Dreamy.

24. Waking up early but tired and realising it’s the damn weekend and there’s no where else you need be.

25. Opening an amazing new Paperchase notebook and feeling the potential of those first few pages.

26. The feeling of having all your work/blogposts/housework done and not having to feel guilty about losing two hours to the Daily Mail

27. When you feel pretty content about how life has panned out and actually, like you might just have this.


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