If you’ve been following any of the recent awards ceremonies, you’ll have noticed that the #AskHerMore campaign has been picking up speed. In a nutshell, it’s a campaign started by The Representation Project which attacks the notion that at awards ceremonies, Hollywood’s actresses get asked about their dresses, whereas their male stars get to talk about their profession. Stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Aniston are just a few who are backing the campaign, which aims to prove that while it’s nice to find out who they’re wearing, these women represent a little more than just a dress on a carpet. And at the start of a year that already feels like it’s going to be a bit of a rollercoster for Feminism (the good kind), it’s great to see so many get behind a campaign that aims to stop the objectification of women, in some of the most widely publicised occasions throughout the year.

If you need more convincing, just look at this video Upworthy made about questions women face on the red carpet and some of the celebrity’s responses to them:

Unfortunately, as is always the way, some have taken the #AskHerMore campaign as a belief that because women don’t want to talk just about their dresses they suddenly want to be asked about the political situation in Ukraine and the answers to all of the third world’s problems. No, no, not the case. This is why some more sensible human beings have pointed out that maybe the hashtag should be ‘#AskHerAnything’ to show that, yes we want to know who the dress is by, yes we want to know who cuts her hair, but can we also ask her about her influences, her opinions and to talk about some of the things that she thinks actually matter to the world?

So in the spirit of #AskHerAnything we decided to have some fun and come up with 30 questions that actually, we would love to hear the stars answer on the Red Carpet, that would hopefully create a more entertaining, challenging and exciting legacy for us all. And if no reporters decide to take us up on them, then throw a Brits party and ask your friends them instead, or give us your answers on a postcard in the comments section below, because I for one, think it’s a much more entertaining way to spend an evening then finding out how many times Reese Witherspoon waxes her legs.


1. On a scale of 1-10 how mental did you think Carrie was in season 1 of Homeland?

2. Why do you think the ASOS dresses look so great on the model and so shit when you try them on at home?

3. Have you ever stolen anything?

4. Which member of Friends do you think would be most likely to turn out as gay?

5. What’s a disease that you don’t think receives enough attention?

6. Is Meryl Streep really as nice as she makes out? Because I can’t get Miranda Priestly out of my head.

7. Some up sexism in one sentence

8. Who do you think would win in a fight between Jamie Dornan and Channing Tatum?

9. How many vloggers would it take on your table to stop you turning up tonight?

10. What’s Jay’s deal?

11. If you could play any Disney character who would it be?

12. What’s the most powerful performance you’ve ever seen? Musical or otherwise?

13. When was the last time you ate a Dominos?

14. What’s the one thing you’d like to leave behind, above all else?

15. How many times have you thought about food since you’ve been here?

16. What do you think will be the world’s biggest issue in 50 years time?

17. Do you think Hermoine and Harry would have had an affair and would it have been incentuous if they did?

18. What’s the last book you read?

19. Did you find the end of Prison Break a massive disappointment?

20. Who is your favourite comedian male or female?

21. Thatcher: evil temptress or amazing role model?

22. Use sporadically in a sentence

23. Who do you think should have been cast to play Christian Grey?

24. Who do you think looks younger: North West or Ariana Grande?

25. Would you rather have no eyelashes or no eyebrows?

26. Where is your happy place?

27. What is your favourite Gwen Stefani song?

28. What do you wish you were doing right now?

29. What’s the most ridiculous law you know of?

30. Finish this sentence: Happiness is…..


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