1. A mac lipstick

Creamy, lip-loveliness, in every colour you could want. I like this one.

2. The perfect BBB (black boyfriend blazer)

Forget the LBD – the black boyfriend blazer will see you through job interviews, family dinners, nights out and won’t abandon you if you put on weight

3. A really good black bra. And possibly a white one.

Because four-boobs really don’t work in your Thirties.

4. A Victoria Secrets makeup bag

Just girly enough to make you feel 15 again, but still perfectly acceptable to pull out in the ladies room.

5. The number of a great beautician

Good eyebrows and a slick manicure will change your life.

6. A classic handbag

A handbag is one of the only things you will definitely be able to pass down to your children. So go for the Mulbs.

7. A great white shirt

It will go with everything.

8. A passport

Filled with as many stamps as possible.

9. A comfortable pair of heels

They are out there. Your mission is to find them.

10. Hold up stockings.

Even if you’re the only one seeing them, they’ll make you feel great.

11. The right cleanser for your skin type

Because a face wipe can only cut it for so long.

12. Heat protection spray

To be used every time you put heat on your hair.

13. Access to a great London restaurant that no one else knows about

First dates, business lunches and special family occasions. This bad boy is your get out of jail card for any occasion.

14. An oversized hat

The perfect anecdote for bad hair days, sad days and sunshine.

15. A savings account

Even if you only keep £10 in there at a time.

16. A signature scent

Buzzfeed can help.

17. A set of fabulous luggage

For those impromptu, weekends away.

18. A local dry cleaners

Don’t ruin your silk dress because you tried to wash it on a 30.

19. An emergency ten pound note

The key here is EMERGENCY, so no using this for your morning latte or the new Porter magazine. Note: If in London, up to twenty

20. A cold bottle of prosecco or champagne

To celebrate how fabulous you are, often. Just don’t forget to top it up afterwards.

21. A favourite book

Go for one classic and one contemporary if you really want to show off.

22. A leather jacket

Spend enough to get that gorgeous, buttery-soft leather smell.

23. A good dentist

Your only get one set of teeth in your adult life, so leave your fear of the dentist in your twenties.

24. An exercise class that you love

Anti-gravity yoga, Salsa dancing, Urban Rebound – sporty or not, try them all until you find one you can’t get enough of.

25. A great trench coat in classic beige

A lifelong investment, that will never go out of fashion. Asos has a delightful collection.

26. A set of gorgeous serving dishes

Because they make lasagne look posh.

27. A car parking change pot

Preferably kept within your car and topped up regularly.

28. A piece of art

It doesn’t have to be expensive, but should provide a great talking point for new guests (or dates).

29. A pair of leather pants

Because you can probably only get away with them for one more decade.

30. A date dress

Because Theo could totally call.

Theo James


How many can you tick off? Share your number in the comments below

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