Because while we might be suffering from a quarter-life crisis we’re getting seriously enlightened while we do it.

1. The most rewarding way to spend your money is often on experiences. Travel, trips with friends and days-out to random locations make you feel more content than a new handbag ever could.

2. Life goes on even when you aren’t documenting it on social media. And your friends sure look pretty when you see them in real life.

3. Going down your boyfriend’s phone does not make for a better relationship. And actually it makes you feel mean and sneaky and breaks down many trust barriers that are incredibly hard to rebuild. Ain’t nobody got time to check whatsapp, text, call log, snapchat, insta, Facebook, twitter and email these days anyways.

4. Saving is hard. Like, harder than you ever thought it would be. On payday you’ll be full of good intentions and before you know it you’re ten tequilas down and putting next week’s rent on your credit card. Renting forever is fine right?

5. Going for a meal and calmly discussing life over a bottle of Prosecco and a Prezzos voucher can actually be mega fun and just as rewarding as a night slut-dropping on the town. Who knew?

6. Alcohol blues are the worst. Worse than hangovers and for a twenty-something, that’s really saying something. Like serious elation and give-no-fucks when you’re partying hard and then oh-my-god who am I and what did I do last night the next day. Thanks Gin, my old pal!

7. Remember all those hours you spent pouring over Mizz and Sugar, trying to work out how to be a good kisser and not go for the same head turn? Turns out, sex is not something that is universal for everyone. 50 ways to please your man? Lols, you’ve got it covered babes.

8. Having kids is a choice, not a must. Mind = BLOWN

9. Words like parabens and carcinogenic are actually scary. Like ‘I’ll just take a water and some E45 please’

10. Your happiest moments often have little to do with money or material possessions. Laughing so hard you hurt, a cup of tea with your Grandparents and watching a film in bed on a Sunday morning are able to make you happier than you ever thought possible.

11. Saying ‘how old are they like 12?’ is a perfectly good response to anyone who may be even slightly younger than your twenty-year-old badass self

12. Exercise is actually crucial to making you feel like a functioning human being. And getting yourself that bootay that makes Primark jeans look like VB.

13. Spending money on cushions and candles and pretty little storage drawers is as fun and magical as buying nail varnish and New Look strap tops used to be.

14. Diet Coke tastes a million times more brilliant from the can.

15. Sex can be messy, cringey and nothing like the film-edited highlights you thought. Yet it’s still pretty damn fine. Ain’t nothing going to make you closer than a fanny fart to the face after all.

16. Side projects are good for the soul. Painting, dancing, working out, writing. In-fact, many of the things you thought were pointless and boring in school are now the number one way you take care of you.

17. There’s nothing that can make you feel sassier than a. sitting in Starbucks on your own working with your laptop and b. walking through London holding a starbucks Autumn/Winter cup in your hand. YOU HAVE SO GOT THIS LIFE STUFF.

18. There is no perfect form of contraception. That contraceptive pill you popped like nurofen when you was 16 (when you remembered) now makes you feel a little bit queasy and worried for the future state of your ovaries.

19. The type of boys you date are often not the type of boys you’d want to father your children. And actually that’s totally okay.

20. Making friends is much more difficult as you get older. Whereas your social group once spanned into the tens, and possibly even hundreds, now you can go days without getting a text or phone call making you panic that you’re the biggest loser known to man. But the five friends you do have? Fricking ace.

21. There is nothing more sacred than girls who support other girls. That is all.

22. No one is perfect. Your friends, your parents, your favourite blogger. Imperfection is what keeps us connected to wider humanity.

23. Worrying is a part of life. And it’s totally okay to be care-free and having fun before you’re 30 one minute, then totally to quell the anxiety-inducing panic in your stomach about where your life is going and how much success you can cram in before 25, the other.

24. Knowing what you want and saying so is not bossy, selfish or unfeminine. It’s actually really, really sexy.

25. People change. Sometimes for the better until you’re so proud you can burst and sometimes for the worst where your old best friend makes you feel smaller than Stuart Little. Culling friendships at regular intervals unfortunately is a very necessary part of life.

26. Healthy food can be tasty too. Sweet potato is an excellent example of this.

27. Forcing friends/colleagues/boys to like you is never a long-term success. If you have to force it, that shit isn’t worth it.

28. You can still enjoy a beach holiday if you wear factor 20 and sit with your face in the shade.

29. Lipstick is the quickest, cheapest pick-me-up possible.

30. Things never turned out how you imagined it they would and your 10-year plan went down the pan about 5 years ago. But actually, things might even be a little bit better than you could ever have imagined.

Beth Gladstone

Beth is a Writer and Digital Marketer who founded The Full Agenda as a place to talk about the things that kept her and her friends up at night. Currently working as a Marketing consultant to various SMEs she is a big fan of the startup market and loves technology, apps and anything social media related. When not obsessively checking Google Analytics, she can be found reading, writing or relaxing with a glass of Prosecco.

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  1. Melissa / November 3, 2015 at 11:56 am /Reply

    Love this! I’ve read a few lists like this but this is by far the most honest! xx

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