25. Somehow it just seems so much older than 24 doesn’t it? One day past your 25th birthday when you haven’t even got rid of the taste of kebab or tequila yet and all of sudden you’re closer to 30 than you are 20. Holy shit! When did that happen? Deep down every twenty-something girl is still a tamagotchi-loving, Sega-park going 90s child and yet at some point we have to sit up and face the music. Here are the thoughts every one of us has when we hit that Quarter-Life crisis.


1. Maybe I should stop using face wipes now and actually invest in a cleanser.

2. Why is everyone having babies? I’m so sick of my FB feed being full of baby pics. …..Ohh look a baby!

3. Am I too old to wear bodycon?

4. I’m pretty much never going to be a size 8 now so I might as well just continue with my twice a week Dominos habit

5. I can’t believe this bottle of Ribena has my entire daily sugar allowance in. It’s a bottle of Ribena!

6. Should probably open some sort of savings account if I want to ever move out from my parents….

7. I’m just not looking at my cellulite any longer, if I can’t see it maybe it won’t be there

8. Maybe I should go travelling….

9. ….But then I’ll probably have to live at home until I’m 40. Instead of 35.

10. I just hate everyone.

11. I wish I’d wanted to learn this much when I was at school

12. Freddo frogs are 20p now?? Life is so harsh.

13. Pension’s are sooo expensive… I can work till I’m 85 right?

14. I wonder what a school reunion would be like….

15. Will I ever get married? But wait do I actually even want to get married? Fuck, I don’t know.

16. If it comes down to a choice between going out and staying in to watch Netflix, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Netflix

17. I can so afford two holidays a year now. La la la, life is great.

18. God why am I always so skint.

19. Is it too late to change careers?

20. Oooh look a 90s listicle.

21. When is life going to be what it was meant to be?

22. I spent my teens begging to be allowed to wear thongs and now I really just can’t even.

23. I’m never going to have long hair am I?

24. I can’t believe my parents were right. About pretty much everything.

25. Since when did homeware become my favourite section of Primark?….

26. I’m 4 years older than the oldest member of One Direction. FML.

27. Oh ASOS, you cheeky devil. Sending me another email that makes me want to buy EVERYTHING

28. Is it okay that my exercise regime still consists of walking to Pret at lunch?

29. Probably need to accept that my chances of being spotted or becoming famous are now zero…

30. Well I’m not a drug addict or in prison yet… maybe I did okay you know? Go me!


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