And we won’t even judge if you want to make a little Bingo card out of this bad boy.

1. I wonder how early is too early to start watching Love Actually…

2. Can I make these two dresses last me through the entire party season? Maybe if I lay low on having my photo taken…


4. Wowzers, the amount I’ve spent today at winter wonderland could have completed my christmas shopping twice over

5. I really shouldn’t have completely given up on exercise as soon as my holiday ended in June. There’s only one thing for it. All black EV’RYTHING.

6. I wish I’d listened to Ned when he said the winter was coming. Cold. So cold.

7. Christmas party. Getting drunk with people who shouldn’t know this much about my family, sex life or the time I thought I was going to be sacked. FML.

8. Can I pull off a poncho?

9. Shit, I’ve just answered the phone as Buddy the Elf to my boss thinking it was my work BF

10. Ooh, I am all over the real Christmas tree this year…

11. Fir pines. Everywhere.

12. Harrods looks SO pretty at Christmas. Everything is right with the world.

13. Dairy milk. It’s like Christmas in a bar.

14. The type of look I’m going for this year is Cruella. The more fur the better.

15. Which is worse: taking a coat to the Christmas party and looking like someone’s Mother or freezing my arse off all night? Hypothermia it is then. Good.

16. I really can’t deal with any more christmas shopping. If everyone could just circle what they want in the argos catalogue, that would be ace

17. Winter = the only time it’s perfectly acceptable to wear pajamas at all hours of the day

18. MY CHRISTMAS CD. I’m gonna play this bad boy right now! Oh bandaid you sweet, sweet melody.

19. Okay, enough with the Christmas songs already.

20. Pringles. Welcome back, my light and crispy friends.

21. I seriously need to go to New York for Christmas next year.

22. Apparently christmas shopping has two temperature settings: Burning furnace and wintery death

23. I wish I was back at school so I could spend all day cutting and sticking toilet-roll angels. T’was the perfect life.

24. Miracle of 34th street. It makes my ovaries hurt.

25. How many days is it acceptable to wear a roll neck jumper before you have to wash it? 4? 5?

26. That’s another year where my New Year’s Resolutions stayed permanently in January then…

27. Next year is so going to be my year. I’m all over this.

28. Pigs in blanket. As many as Marks and Sparks can sell.

29. Is that a Facebook status about how great a year you’ve had or an Oscars award acceptance speech?

30. I bloody love Christmas.

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