Because you may be a worrier, but you are certainly not alone.

1. What on earth am I going to wear today?

2. Wait, did I wear this shirt last time I saw Kate? I’m pretty sure I did. If I wear it again, will she think that I’ve got no other clothes?

3. Are my eyebrows even? They are sisters and not twins, but still. Can’t face the day with wonky eyebrows.

4. My boss wants to see me. I’m so going to get sacked. Or made redundant. Or given a pay cut. Or they’ll find out about that time that….

5. Should I quickly put on a power lip? But wait, what if it goes on my teeth, or my lips are dry or I get it all round the coffee cup.

6. Damn it’s raining. Either my shirt’s going to go completely see-through, or my hair will go fuzzy. Or both.

7. I’m so fat. Look how tight these jeans are. I’ll never be a size 10 again.

8. Will my colleagues think I’m greedy if I get the croissant AND the muffin?

9. What if there is this whole other life waiting for me and I just missed it because I didn’t get on the central line that time? WHAT IF

10. Someone from my year just got engaged. LOOK EVERYONE, SHE GOT ENGAGED AND SHE’S ONLY 24 AND THEY’VE BEEN TOGETHER LIKE 5 MINUTES. I’m never going to get married.

11. But if I do get married, will I end up at home everyday looking after 3 kids that I don’t even like that much?

12. Is it socially acceptable to order a large wine with lunch if everyone else is having Diet Coke?

13. Does my boyfriend even love me? Like REALLY love me?

14. Someone just said Uruguay and I have no idea where that is.

15. Am I wasting time in this job?

16. Do I have enough fun? I used to be so fun.

17. Why is everyone getting pregnant? Are my ovaries going to be like shrivelled bits of popcorn by the time I want kids?

18. If I got followed would I be fast enough to run away? Or would I just give up?

19. I don’t see my family enough. What if they died tomorrow and I haven’t seen them in like 6 months? I’m a bad person.

20. My Instagram only got 5 likes. Am I hideously unpopular? Maybe I should delete it now and save myself the horror of never being invited out again.

21. Why am I not rich yet?

22. Why is everyone else more stylish than me? Like, why did I not know that denim jackets were cool again?

23. Did I just press like on that girl I don’t know’s picture? Please tell me I didn’t.

24. My thighs are so big. No wonder everyone is looking at me funny when I walk.

25. I haven’t heard from my best friend in like a week. She hates me, I’ve definitely done something to upset her.

26. I know this headache means I’ve got a brain tumour.

27. How many more years can I get away with being on the pill before my womb evaporates?

28. My card just got rejected. WHAT IF I’VE BEEN CLONED.

29. Oh no, I just remembered that I put through that £200 ASOS order *breaks out in cold sweat*

30. Maybe I worry too much.


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Beth Gladstone

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