5 Payrise Worthy Attributes

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When you’ve worked somewhere for a substantial amount of time, it’s natural to start thinking about whether or not you deserve a payrise. Most of us think of the words ‘review’ or ‘appraisal’ as synonymous with ‘more money’ but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you’ve ever been a manager, you’ll know how common it is to someone to ask for a salary rise because ‘they need more money’ or ‘can’t afford their new car/rent/shopping habit’. If you haven’t, let me enlighten you.

It’s frickin’ annoying.

Your bills and lifestyle are not your bosses problem. Don’t ever ask your boss for more money under this guise. Instead, if you really think you deserve more money take a look at this checklist- if you can tick off three or more since you started at the company than you could well be payrise worthy.


1. You’ve freed up your boss’ time

If your company works on day rates you’ll know it’s normal for your boss’ to be about 5 times that of your own. The reason they own or manage the company is usually because they have more experience and expertise than you do, therefore making their time more expensive. Sad, but true. So by freeing up their time and taking on a task they usually have to do both saves the company money and gives them time to work on something else. This is a bit of a double dip technique as well – not only do you free them up to spread their expertise elsewhere, you also take on a new ‘manager’ responsibility and show initiative. Nice work my friend, nice work.

2. You do more than your role asks for

You can be completing your job role like a little checklist but if you’re not doing anything above and beyond, it’s going to be difficult to become payrise worthy. The salary you start with is the one the company thinks the role is worth so to get more than this, it’s kind of logical that you should be doing more than the role asks for. This doesn’t have to be anything groundbreaking. Conduct an interesting piece of research on your market, find a new way to reduce your costs, hound out a new business opportunity. Just do more.

3. You constantly come up with new ideas

It’s so easy to get comfortable in your role when you know it inside out and can do it with your eyes shut. This may make you a good employee but it will never make you a great one. To become payrise worthy you will need to look at new angles and techniques that will save the company money, push it forward or improve the ways things are done. A great way to do this, is to regularly compete competitor audits, analysing what others in your market are doing to become successful. Even if your idea doesn’t get approved, it shows you are open to change and can take the company out of its comfort zone.

4. You have your finger on the pulse

If you want to be successful and rich you have to know your market inside out. Getting a degree is not enough if you stop learning as soon as you throw your mortarboard. Spend at least half an hour everyday reading papers, articles and news on your area of expertise. In all honesty, you should spend the same amount of time reading the general news as well, but if you don’t do either of these things already then let’s just take it one step at a time. The moment you manage to surprise your boss or mention a new piece of information to your team, the quicker you will start to mark yourself out as worthy of a payrise.

5. You help the bottom line

It doesn’t matter which job you do, the figures are everyone’s responsibility. Find out what your department spends and what it earns. Look at ways to reduce costs or improve profit. This can be as simple as shopping around for a new stationary supplier or finding a package that your clients or customers will be willing to pay an extra £50 for. In business, the bottom line is everything and there is nothing more payrise worthy than saving the company costs or increasing its profit. Be the person who makes it happen and you could find the difference in your own pocket.


What techniques have you successfully used to get a payrise? Comment below and let us know.


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