You already know how important exercise is to your wellbeing, but how often do you actually set aside the time to do it? When work gets crazy or family life takes over, exercise is often the first thing to go. In a catch-22 situation, exercise is also the thing that provides the energy you need to cope when things get tough. So in the manner of helping every woman to indulge in at least 15 minutes of exercise per day (apparently the smallest amount needed to get the serotonin pumping!), this is our quick guide to reclaiming an exercise slot every single day.


1. Lunchtime walk

The best thing about walking, is that everyone can do it and there’s no particular fitness level needed to achieve it. It also won’t make you sweaty, so if you work outside of the home you can use your lunchbreak to get it done. Step outside and set your watch for 15 minutes then walk briskly to a local park or just around the area outside your office. This will get the heart pumping and your muscles moving. If you don’t work, or work from home then try and set the same time everyday just to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Even as the weather turns colder, this can be a great way to reconnect with the world around you, while speeding up your metabolism and getting into shape. The more days you can do it, the quicker you’ll be able to walk and the fitter you’ll feel.


2. A Pop Sugar Workout

If you haven’t heard of Pop Sugar Fitness, you’re about to experience a revelation. This Youtube sensation is one of the best ways to fit in short, sharp bursts of exercise which can be done at home and which help you to noticeably tone up after just a few weeks. The routines allow you to choose different areas of the body to target, such as the arms, ‘love handles’ or inner thighs, or to focus on specific needs such as cardio or fat-blasting. You can even take part in a Ballet Barre fitness workout and a mixture of all them all will soon have you addicted to fun, fast exercise which really does make a difference.


3. Nike Training Club’s 15 minute Full Stretch Guide

Nike training club is a great, free app which offers a variety of different workouts and programmes that can be completed at home. Also within the app, are the ‘Get Focused’ 15 minute exercise programmes which focus on different areas of the body or different exercises, such as arms, abs or alignment. Set your music to the app, grab a mat and get going. The app also offers a great 15-minute full stretch guide created by world champion gymnast Shawn Johnson which helps you to stretch every part of the body. Bonus points if you can get this one in first thing as soon as you wake up, to set you up for the day and help to improve your overall flexibility.


4. The 15 minute core workout routine

Pinterest is great for delicious recipes and baked goods but none of these help the waistline. It also contains many great, visual guides to exercise that can be completed in fifteen minutes such as the leg and core muscle workout routine below.

5 Ways To Get In 15 Minutes Of Exercise Every Single Day

5. Power Yoga

This may need some previous knowledge of Yoga practise, but using Youtube to follow Power Yoga is an energising way to grab your fifteen. Focusing on the core, legs and triceps, it stretches and energises, fuelling power throughout the body and lengthening each muscle. With this one, ensure you warm up and cool down before and after each workout and try to practise weekly, to gain the full benefit of the moves.


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