There are some films that stay with you no matter what. They don’t necessarily have to be the best scripts, the slickest productions or the most acclaimed titles, they just have to make you think a little bit more, laugh, smile or have endless materials of quotes and sayings to reference with your friends. Growing up in the 00s in particular, there were some absolute classics we watched and loved. And we need a sequel of them if you please. Right away.

1. A little Princess (1995)

The only film that made us want to simultaneously be an orphan and also never leave the side of our parents again. Considering this was aimed at children, The Little Princess had some pretty heartbreaking scenes. The little chalk circle and the reunion with Captain Crewe in the rain was too much for any 8 year old to handle and yet I still remember loving Sara Crew for her ragged curls, drop-waist dresses and beautifully furnished bedroom. A sequel where we saw a safe, happy Sara and Becky (did she stay with the Crewes forever, DID SHE?), would have been a treat for our aching hearts.

A Little Princess 00s Films

2. Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)

A beautiful, Cinderella story that made us want to run around in layered dresses and move to France. Danielle de Barbarac was a much feistier Cinderella than those we’d seen before and the Prince even had a little bit of substance about him. We would have done anything to have seen her ball-busting her way through the rest of the 16th Century and giving other old, creepy men the what for.

Films in the 00s: Ever After a Cinderella Story

3. The Parent Trap (1998)

If Lindsay Lohan hadn’t ruined our lives by showing she was just one person and not a twin at all, we would have happily watched a 2nd, 3rd and 4th of this little baby. It made us want to go to summer camp and let our sister cut our hair. We spent months re-enacting the handshake, trying to learn how to play Poker (seriously, did any 11-year-old really understand those rules?) and working out whether we could ‘pull off’ one of those Chinese-style dresses. Hallie and Annie were our absolute idols and ones that we undoubtedly needed to see more of.

The-Parent-Trap 00s Nostalgia

4. Coyote ugly (2000)

Dancing on a bar, in hotpants and strappy vest tops, to Can’t Fight The Moonlight. The ultimate 00s girl dream. If only we could have had a second shot to see what Lil and the gang were getting up to and to see if Leann Rimes ever brought out another song as good as her one hit wonder. Sigh.

Coyote-Ugly 00s Nostalgia

5. Love actually (2003)

11 years later and Love Actually is still the best Christmas film we’ve ever laid eyes on. We blame the lack of sequel on the fact that half the cast are now much more famous and far more swanky than they were back then. But surely there are 9 more sweet stories out there to make a sequel with? Despite the film coming out over 10 years ago, Thomas Brodie-Sangster is still playing a 13 year old if it helps….

Love Actually 00s Nostalgia

6. Mean Girls (2004)

The first real foray into what the rest of our lives were going to be like and the only realistic depiction of what teenage girls really went through in the high-school battle field. I can’t be the only one who ran home with my friends and created a burn book where we were too scared to write what we really thought was I? Mean Girls has become a cult for every 00s girl out there and there is nothing as satisfying as pulling out the most relevant mean girls meme to just nail the occasion, at any time. Now we KNOW Tina has got another script in her. Whether Lohan can pull herself together may be a different story. But gosh, it would be so Fetch if they did.

Mean Girls 00s Nostalgia

7. The Holiday (2006)

Surely there was enough of Jude Law’s smile to get another film out of in itself? Perhaps we all knew that deep down Amanda and Graham would never work, the kids wouldn’t really want a stepmum and there’s a large chance Iris would have gone running back to Jasper as soon as her little feet landed on British soil, but, a girl can hope right?

TheHoliday 00s Nostalgia

8. Clueless

If it came to a toss up between this and Mean Girls we’re totes unsure which would come out top. Clueless is another classic 00s films we just couldn’t get enough off and we still can’t. Not only was Cher a kind-hearted Bette with the sense of style we’d kill for now, but she also had zero bitchiness about her and just wanted the best for her trio. She taught us about the power of our most capable outfit, not being traitors to our generation and that ’tis a far, far better thing doing stuff for other people. Bring back Cher, we need her wisdom now more than ever.

clueless 00s nostalgia

Which films do you still wish they’d remake from the 00s? Comment below and let us know!

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