1. Burgers

Usually prefixed by ‘dirty’, you’ve had enough Burgers to last you through your twenties and way into your thirties. If you never have one again, you honestly wouldn’t be fussed. Baconjam or no baconjam.

Dirty Baconjam Burger ShoreditchSource

2. Beards

They were cute, they were ironic, they had animals shaved into them. Now they’re just annoying and you’re beginning to consider Justin Bieber as a suitable male alternative.

Hipster beard in ShoreditchSource

3. Pop ups

A temporary shop-like construction which charges Selfridges prices for Primark cargo. Yeah, we’ll leave it thanks.

Boxpark Pop Up Shops ShoreditchSource

4. Street art

Particularly the ironic kind.

Street art in ShoreditchSource

5. Hipsters

They’re what the Emos were to the 90s. Annoying, unnecessary and weirdly same-y looking.

hipster in ShoreditchSource

6. ‘Quirky’ beer holders

If it can be filled, you’ve probably drunk from it. Now you long to see the good ol’ fashioned pint glass make a comeback.

Beer Meat Mission ShoreditchSource

7. Lost looking suits, in search of Moorgate

I said left at the roundabout. Oh FFS.

Lost looking businessman in MoorgateSource

8. Pet accessories

You’re not sure who you despise more, the Hipster for dressing it or the Cat for being an enabler.

Hipster pets catSource

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