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Like most women, Christmas shopping for me is a time filled with lust over items I didn’t even know I needed. While out looking for family members I constantly happen to stumble over the best scarf / candle / notebook that I desperately need and before I know it, I’ve got two ‘me’ gifts for every one I’ve dumped in for someone else.

It’s an expensive time.

Simple maths seems to be to blame. If I’m in the shops twice as much as normally, I’m going to find twice as many things that I really REALLY want to buy. But just as my fellow shoppers will know, December is quite possibly the worst time to be indulging in gifts for yourself when you already have another 10+ people to buy for.

So what if you could get to the tree on Christmas morning and all of those wonderful things you touched, smelt and lusted-after, were there? Wouldn’t it be the best day ever?

I thought so too.

So for boyfriends (and other family members / friends who care about the wellbeing of their child/sister/friend), here’s a round-up of all those amazing things the woman in your life really wants to receive this Christmas.

Be the best person she knows and buy them for her.


£0 – £20

Lena Dunham – Not That Kind Of Girl – £12.99

Lena Dunham not that kind of girl

The book everyone has been talking about and undoubtedly the book every woman needs to read. Take a good look at the cover, it’s distinctive right? Good, now check it’s not already next to your bed and if it isn’t, pop one into the basket.


Personalised Alphabet Notebook – £9.95

Personalised alphabet notebook

Every girl needs a notebook on hand for dreams, work or just generally writing shopping lists. The letter just makes the process nicer.



Glitter clutch with fur pom pom – £16

Girlfriend christmas gift ideas bag

Glitter and fur are the quickest ways for women to update their looks this Winter, so make yours smile with the best of the bunch in this gorgeously-overstated glitter clutch with fur pom pom.


£20 – £50

This Rosie for Autograph Lace Chemise – £22.50

Girlfriend Christmas presents

There’s a reason why Marks and Spencers aren’t making a good enough profit on their clothes. It’s because no self-respecting woman can afford to buy herself a £25 nightie. But if it’s bought for her, then that would be an entirely different story…


Sleeveless tailored Mustard jacket – £45

Mustard sleeveless jacket

Beautiful, simple and a burst of colour to keep her content throughout the miserable Winter months. She. Will. Love It.


Penhaligon’s Bath Oil – £39

Penhaligon's bath oil

The packaging is as pretty as the products themselves, so this is a double whammy of goodness that any woman who likes baths would be delighted to receive. A few drops goes a long way as well, so one bottle will last her until next Christmas and beyond.


Big spenders


Gift guide ideas

Knee and thigh-high boots are the latest craze for AW15 and will undoubtedly be an item the woman in your life has lusted over this year. Surprise her completely and buy her a pair. Trust me, they’ll be a treat for you both.


Beats by Dre Solo 2 in white – £169.95

beats by dre for women

Hot headphones are a great way to make that commute into work or exercise routine more fun. These white Beats are the ideal treat, both stylish and high-quality.


The Links of London Diamonds Essential Pave Round Bracelet – £150.00

Links of London gift idea

This delicate bracelet is an essential item for every girl’s jewellery box that can be worn everyday or to add a touch of sparkle to a special occasion. Understated and classic, it will suit everyone.


What are you lusting after this year while starting your Christmas shopping? Comment below and let us know :-)


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