I started The Full Agenda in the summer of 2014 as a creative outlet where I could write the type of content I wanted to read. Back then it was mostly lists, rants and beauty product reviews – but wasn’t every blog? Since then, The Full Agenda has evolved into a place to discuss the topics that usually require a glass of wine (or ten) to be brought to the table. Things like friendship, careers, living with intention and creating bighearted lives. As well as fear, doubt, imposter syndrome, not giving a fuck and doing it anyway. Once pledged as “a blog for twenty-somethings” I fully go back on my original design. The Full Agenda is for anyone – men, women, hipsters, glam squads, natives, tourists and visitors – we aren’t fussy. Anyone who gets it and wants to have a voice and a say in how we discuss these issues is welcome at my table. 


The Full Agenda aims to provide its readers with honest and intelligent articles on a variety of topics and themes such as ambition, success, sensuality, freedom of speech and permission. Through a monthly theme and campaign, its mission is to give a voice to inspiring, successful women who long for that community where they can be open and vibrant and bold. To join others on the journey to living their best life. Its hope is to provide articles that resonate, provide inspiration, advice and champion embracing life in the way you see fit – however that might be.

Contact me

I love nothing more than speaking to people who have stumbled across The Full Agenda and who get what it’s all about. If you want to chat, join the tribe or become a (paid) contributing writer to one of our monthly topics, please write me at beth@thefullagenda.com – I’d love to hear from you.

Editor of the full agenda

Beth Gladstone, Editor (now aged 26)