We had Britney, we had Justin, we even had Britney + Justin. There’s no denying that being born in the 90s was absolutely awesome. In a decade where you could wear crop tops and collect Beanie Babies things were great right? But what about the dark side of the 90s? These are the 15 hardships you knew if you were born in the Nineties…

1. Not being able to cope with how heart wrenching the Stole video was

Kelly Rowland Stole Video - noughties

2. Wanting to emulate the hairstyles of your favourite stars… but never getting it quite right

sarah butterfly clips      90s hair clips

3. Playing MASH and realising you were going to marry a Hobo and keep snails for pets

MASH game from the 90s

4. Losing your dial-up connection in a crucial MSN moment and knowing that things would never be the same again

Dial Up Internet MSN

5. Not being allowed your belly button pierced and wondering why your parents were trying to ruin your life

belly button britney 90s

6. Never being able to draw that bloody S


7. Opening a new cereal box and finding the same toy you already had

cereal toys from the nineties

8. Buying a Bubblechair and then realising it was the most uncomfortable thing ever

Bubble chair 90s

9. Messing up the intro to Never Ever and feeling like a complete social outcast

all saints never ever

10. Wearing your snapper trousers on non-school Uniform day and spending the entire day doing them back up

poppers trousers in the nineties

Beth Gladstone

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  1. paula stubbs / July 28, 2014 at 7:18 pm /Reply

    So true

  2. Gaelle / July 31, 2014 at 4:00 pm /Reply

    Hilarious, and very true (even for a Frenchie)!

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