From the outside, being a full-time blogger may look like the perfect job, but on the inside it can be a whole different story. Trying to separate life and work while simultaneously learning the jobs usually done by 10 different people is no easy feat. It kind of comes with the blogging territory to make it look like an exciting journey filled with sprinkles, sunshine and glitter, but deep down, these are the 20 confessions that all bloggers know.

1. Having one area in the house which you use as the background for all of your Instagram shots. Usually some sort of white space. Perrrrfection.

2. When someone rips off your post but doesn’t link back to your blog at all and you’re not sure there’s all that much you can do about it. Oh internet you joy.

3. Having the irrational fear that if you remove yourself from social media for a day your career will be over and no one will ever read your work again

4. Having to constantly be ‘on’ like a little ray of sunshine, when really all you want to do is tell someone to get stuffed or that their new perfume smells like hay

5. Reading a positive comment and feeling like all is right in the world and that you have finally found your people

6. Reading a negative one and wanting to crawl under your duvet and never resurface

7. Seeing another ‘like 4 like’ campaign and trying to balance your integrity with your intense need for likes

8. When you receive flowers and think yes Instagram score! Rather than, Oh how lovely thanks.

9. Writing something toe-curlingly honest and being more embarrassed that your family might read it than any of the people you don’t know

10. Finishing a ‘20 reasons’ post then realising you’d messed up the numbers and actually only have 19

11. Resisting the need to face palm when people tell you how lucky you are to get ‘free stuff’.

12. Knowing that you’re only 10 page views off of a new PB and doing just about anything you can to pull in those extra few

13. Trying to explain to somebody over 35 exactly what it is you do. So… you sit around and write about what you had for breakfast and people read it? Oh, okay *cure blank stare*

14. Slagging off all of the bloggers who have suddenly got ‘book deals’ while kind of hoping that one day it’ll be you

15. Having a complete writing block at least once a month and worrying that you have lost your writing skill and are a complete failure at life

16. Regularly promising yourself you’ll set time aside to learn HTML, photoshop and video editor, before creating another banner in Picmonkey, because you JUST HAVEN’T GOT TIME OKAY

17. Starting out the day’s blogging perkily sitting up at your desk, then gradually moving closer to the sofa until by 5pm you’re hunched over and have given up all hope of posture and what it means

18. Trying to make the perfect beauty product composition and realising that your creative ability is approximately zero

19. Going to events and trying to not be in awe or make a complete fan-girl of yourself in front of of the more established bloggers you meet.

20. Having THE FEAR that you don’t really know how this blogging-malarky will end up or where you’ll be in a few years time but loving being a blogger so much, that you kind of don’t care


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Beth Gladstone

Beth is a Writer and Digital Marketer who founded The Full Agenda as a place to talk about the things that kept her and her friends up at night. Currently working as a Marketing consultant to various SMEs she is a big fan of the startup market and loves technology, apps and anything social media related. When not obsessively checking Google Analytics, she can be found reading, writing or relaxing with a glass of Prosecco.

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  1. Lauren / November 30, 2014 at 5:58 pm /Reply

    I love your post! I can relate to everything haha :’) especially number 10 and 19 … Cant wait to read your next blog post! xx

  2. Andreea / November 30, 2014 at 9:00 pm /Reply

    What a lovely post! I just found you, and thought this post is really nice, and pretty accurate. Except for the fact that I haven’t found my perfect spot in the house for my photos, still searching!
    Lots of hugs!

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