Payday. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. The one day we wait for all month, where we can go crazy and feel like we’re living the life we deserve and that all of the commuting, bad bosses, stresses and eye bags are worth it. Because nothing makes you forget the month’s trauma like those sweet dollar, dollar bills appearing in your account. These are the 15 things that go down every month when the glorious day is here.


1. It’s the only school night where you stay up until 12pm just to sit and watch your bank account flourish. Feels so good.

2. Walking into work Friday morning like –

3. That ASOS basket that’s been filling up steadily over the month? It’s yours. Hit that checkout girl, you deserve this.

4. Lunch anyone? £15 box of sushi? An extravagant lunchtime meal is totally okay when it’s payday because you know, ALL THE MONEY.

5. Similarly, you know you’ll be making an impulse dash to your nearest Topshop/New Look/Zara to buy an entire new outfit for that evening because you deserve a treat, right?

6. Cocktails after work? COUNT ME IN

7. Then when you do go for cocktails you and your friends will spend 15 minutes squabbling over who gets the round in “no I’LL get this one”, “no I will”. If only the rest of the month could be this joyous and triumphant.

8. Swiping out all of the money you owe because for once, paying your debts feels oh so good.

9. Saying ‘well it is payday’ about 15 times

10. Deciding you deserve all the shots and whipping your bank card out with a shrug like you totally buy rounds of £5 Tequilas all the time.

11. Hating anyone who says ‘well every Friday is like payday for me’. GO AND GET A REAL JOB

12. Catching an Über home. No one gets the bus on payday Friday.

13. Adding £15 your savings account and feeling very smug about life.

14. Checking your bank account 2 days after payday and feeling slightly sick about what’s left. Then realising you have THREE WEEKS to live through before you’ll get paid again.

15. Waiting for the next Payday like…

things that go down on Payday















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