Us twenty-somethings apparently suffer from a little thing called Nostalgia. We pine for belly tops, tamagotchis and Mizz magazine. We can’t help but tune in to Kisstory and we’d take Friends over a new series any day. Because change, well, we don’t like it. And what sums up the 00s more than these amazing female figures that we just totally wanted to be.

1. Cher

That hurr. And the wardrobe. And the fluffy pen. Just all of the Cher.

Female figures from the 00s

2. Sabrina

Not only did she have magical powers, she also had a talking cat and the world’s sweetest/most frustrating boyfriend ever. The biggest disappointment? Not being able to watch this all over again. Come on Netflix, you know it makes sense.


3. Ms. Dynamite.

Only the reason we used half a ton of hairspray and moose on our hair each morning.


4. Rachel from Friends

She had the hair, the best wardrobe and the most on/off relationship our teenage selves could ever hope for.

Rachel from Friends

5. Cameron Diaz

We almost forgot how hot Cameron is. Let this image be a reminder. Sigh.

Cameron Diaz in the Mask 00s

6. Piper Perabo in Coyote Ugly

The good girl gone bad that everyone wanted to be.


7. Britney Spears

That is all.

Britney Spears 00s

8. Christina Millan

Because AM to PM was the ULTIMATE school disco vibe.

Christina Millan 00s

9. Paris Hilton

Her work ethic may have been questionable, but god we just loved that chick.

Paris Hilton The Good Life

10. Mya

Because all the outfits in her videos were like, well, Woah.

Mya, my love is like woah


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