I still can’t go in to a Wilkinsons without feeling that lift of excitement in the stationery aisle, back from when you were a kid and you went there to pick out your 99p pencil case, new pens, notebook and all of that other sassy stuff that was going to create a whole new you for the first day back at term. To this day, there’s still nothing better than a fresh new notebook, or set of pens, to help organise your ideas and give you that motivation needed for a new idea, blog post or just a really good meeting.

The hardest thing about writing this post was how to organise it. By colour scheme, stationery type, theme – animal print, floral, cute. Because with stationery you get a whole lot of choice, it’s one of the things that makes it so great. But in no particular order, here are some of the best places around to buy funky office stationery and my top selections from each.

Oliver Bonas Notetaking

There is some serious competition for good notebooks, which says something for the deliciousness of this Pineapple and Watermelon version from Oliver Bonas. At £6 it’s also a bit of a bargain, compared to most. Your notes need this!

Most funky office stationary - Oliver Bonas notebook

Tiger desk essentials

No one is going to mess with your pens in the grass desk pot. This little baby is £4 (seriously, £4) and is the ideal place to store all of your stationery in, both in the office and for your office at home. Unfortunately you can’t shop Tiger online but you can stare at it dreamily here, until your next visit to a store.

funky office stationary grass pen pot


They also do these lovely scrapbooks, also £4, which are ideal for keeping magazine clippings, articles or just notes that you want to refer back to or flick through in order to spark inspiration.

cool stationary - Tiger scrapbook

Wilkos Pens

For cheap, good, get-what-you-pay-for stationery, you still can’t beat good old Wilkos. Because where else could you get seriously classy slim-line highlighters like these ones for just £0.75?

Funky slimline highlighter pens from Wilkos

H&M Storage

You know that amazing place, where you get cute tees and dresses for £15 which look like they could be more Zara than Primark? Well they also do stationery. More the type of homeward stationery that you might keep on your desk at home rather than at your work-work office, but still definitely worth a look at. Currently top of the list are these hexagon storage boxes which will make your pens, beauty products or notebooks look completely dreamy.

Desk box from H&M


You could add in anything from Paperchase and it would be valid. They nail it when it comes to stationery which is more beautiful than anything else you own. But we managed to narrow it down, to just their selection of diaries with this Unicorn number being a firm favourite, because come on, who doesn’t need a Unicorn desk diary!

Unicorn desk diary paper chase

Clinton’s Pens

I wouldn’t set foot in Clinton Cards these days to buy a card. But stationery? Every time. They have one of the most sophisticated, yet fun, ranges of pens, notebooks and note sets and if you’re like me, you’ll also get carried away with these mugs and cups which will brighten up any Monday morning in an instant. Our current favourite? The Cherry Blossom Pen. Classy enough to take to a meeting, fun enough that you’ll feel a little like Cher from Clueless.

Clinton Cards funky cherry blossom pen

Create and Case

One of our firm favourites, Create and Case is an online boutique that offers actual pieces of art, in the form of clutches and cases, each designed by its own artist. The version below is called ‘Watering’ by artist Radiomode and I love it because it is so stylish and yet a little out of the norm. It’s an ideal office/desk buy as it’s something you can use to keep your essential items in – make-up, lip balm, notebook, pen, either to take with you to a meeting instead of lugging around your handbag, or to pop to the bathroom with for a mid-day freshen up. Or it could be an incredibly stylish pencil case, if you really want to splash out. We suggest that you do.

Create and case desktop clutch bag with watering hole theme


Lily-Flame desk candles

The most dreamy, gorgeous, beaches and peaches smelling candles you will ever come across. I promise you. Now if you’re thinking ‘I can’t light a candle in my office’ you’re probably right. The secret with Lily-Flame candles (and I’m yet to find any other brand with the same merit), is that you don’t even need to light it to get the benefit. Pop off the lid of Blush and the scent is just enough to get rid of any lunch or sweat smells, without needing to light it or annoying anyone’s nose with a spray. Perfection.

Blush lily-flame candle for your office



What are your favourite office desk finds? Comment and let me know as I’m always on the look out for new ones!

Beth Gladstone

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