How To Cure A Hangover In 3 Simple Steps

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As you enter your Twenties and pass the halfway mark (sob) there are some hard facts that unfortunately become unavoidable. Like the fact that you can no longer get away with passing your 1pm lay-ins off as student behaviour. Or that you forgot your Aunties birthday again because you were too busy with your ‘studies’. Real life hits you like a slap in the face in these moment doesn’t it? A slap that says, you are closer than 30 to 20 and no you can’t get away with wearing a T-shirt as a dress anymore. One of these aforementioned facts is called the Hangover. Once, a mystical being that happened to ‘older’ people, it has suddenly become very real and very nasty. It is not until you’re having to have a sit-down shower, or reaching for the bucket for the fifth time, that you realise just how debilitating the after-effects of alcohol can be. So to help you out, before you really lose all hope, we’ve put together a three step guide that will help you to feel great again. These simple-to-follow tips will help protect your stomach and your brain, and will have you feeling like an invincible 18-year-old again in no time.

1. Pre-game

– Milk and yoghurt is great for lining your stomach before a big night and helps to keep your tum protected from some of the irritation alcohol causes to yours stomach. Before you go out, try to have a nice big pint of milk, cereal, some yoghurt or cheese. Not the coolest pre-game meal you’ve ever had, but definitely the most beneficial.

– Alcohol is a mean little diuretic, which will push liquid out of your body at every chance it gets (twenty trips to the bathroom anyone?) This is why after a night of drinking, when there’s no water left in your body, it’ll start to take it from the brain – hence the hangover headache. Get one step ahead by staying extra hydrated throughout the day before you go out – your brain will thank you for it later.

– Preparation is everything. When you’re feeling hungover, you’ll feel sick and shaky and may not be able to drive or leave the house. This limits your options to what you already have in the cupboards (or freezer), so the key to a health-loving morning after, is to make sure you’re stocked up the night before. When you’re buying your pre-grame wine, chuck in some fruit, veggies, oats and all that other good stuff which will make you feel golden again.


2. Out-out

– Prosecco and Champagne are the best way to start any good night out – other than for your head, that is. Fizzy drinks speed up the absorbance of alcohol into your body and brain, ensuring that you get drunk much more quickly. This also goes for fizzy mixures such as Coke and Lemonade. If you can’t resist a hit of the bubbles then try to drink it early in the night before moving on to a clear, purer alcohol such as Vodka. This will lessen your hangover and help your Liver to cope more effectively with your alcohol intake.

– Most cocktails are full of sugar, sodium and artificial flavourings, making them not only bad for your hangover but also for your waistline and your teeth. The sugary juices and flavourings can also disguise the alcohol content, so you can also end up drinking much more than you realise. Try to stick to the occasional one or two, rather than drinking them all night long and break them up with a soft drink or glass or water in between where you can.

–  You may have heard the maxim ‘eating is cheating’ on a night out, but skipping a meal is one of the biggest causes of a nasty hangover the next morning. Contrary to popular belief, a greasy spoon is something you should have before your night out, not after it. Fatty food helps slow the absorption of alcohol, increasing the time it takes to reach your bloodsteam and to become intoxicated. Eating it after you’ve been drinking just irritates the stomach and makes your hangover even worse. This means you should indulge in your burger, bacon sarnie or pasta bake before you go out, rather than after, if you don’t want to feel yucky.


3. The Morning After

Fruit and vegetables are undoubtedly the best fuel for a hangover but if, like most, fruit is a little hard to handle when you’re feeling queasy then a breakfast juice or smoothie is a great way to get the right vitamins and minerals back into your body. Try and go for hydrating water-filled fruits such as Watermelon, or brightly coloured fruits which contain potassium such as Bananas and Kiwis. This watermelon and cucumber recipe is ideal and deliciously tempting, even when you’re feeling especially horrendous.

– There’s a reason why most people have oats for breakfast – this superfood is full of Vitamin B, calcium and iron, which will have you feeling energised and back to normal in no time. Whereas a bacon sandwich is a quick energy kick, oats will raise your blood sugar levels and give you energy which will last the morning. If you’re feeling particularly lethargic, add a spoonful of honey – another great energy booster that will replace any sugars you lost throughout the night, without giving you an energy crash. (Go for these Honey Flapjacks if you can’t resist being a little bit naughty.)

– Bloody Marys are pretty horrid concoctions but the healing properties of the tomatoes they contain can not be underestimated. Tomatoes are high in Vitamin C and Lycopene which are both thought to protect against the free radicals which can contribute to causing cancer. They are also high in water content and fibre, helping your, ahem, bowels to return to normal and to flush out any bad alcohol toxins. For bonus points, go for tomatoes on wholegrain toast, which will also help to stabilise your blood sugar levels.


What are your best hangover cures? Let us know how you get on with the above – did you find the magic cure that works for you? Comment below and let us know

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  1. Hanh / September 16, 2014 at 11:54 am /Reply

    great tips….have you ever heard of oil pulling?! it sounds gross but actually works for a hangover!

    • Beth Gladstone / September 16, 2014 at 8:16 pm /Reply

      Thanks Hanh, no I haven’t- just googled it and sounds interesting but I’d probably have to wait until I had a non-queasy hangover first 😉

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