June, already? The fact that it’s just 6 months until the big C again baffles me, but as June is one of the best months of the entire year who cares? It’s the time when most of us have got our festivals and holidays firmly in the calendar, ‘pub after work’ becomes a thing not just for alcoholics and clothes become dreamy, floaty and if SS15 is anything to go by, fringed in goodness. Here are some of our musts for you to get on board with this month….

The Body Coach’s 90 Day SSS Plan

The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan review

Which stands for shift, shape, sustain, not sugar, sweets and shortbread like my previous diet. If you haven’t heard of The Body Coach yet, it’s a programme run by London-based fitness coach Joe Wicks who believes firmly in getting ‘lean in 15’ and midget trees. Checkout his Instagram and it will all make sense! While most ‘health and fitness’ sites believe in super-shakes, counting calories and excessive exercise Joe’s plan claims to be one with a difference, that will lead to fuelling your body and helping you to shift excess body fat, while eating a rich and healthy diet. I’ve just started on my 90 day journey (3 cycles, each of 30 days) and I plan to keep you updated along every step of the way, as prior to the plan I found it hard to find real reviews other than those sent out by Joe himself. And £147 is quite a lot of money to cough up without hearing unbiased reviews!

I’m currently on day 3 of Cycle 1 and I’ll be honest, I’m struggling. The initial plan is fairly limited, with my beloved carbs dropped to 5 meals a week, only after a workout and as a picky eater with allergies, I’ve struggled to find meals I can get on board with. But like a frazzled parent desperately trying to wean their child, I’m hoping as time goes on my cravings (and the headaches!) will reduce and my tastebuds will start to adapt to the leaner meals and vegetables. If you want to follow my progress I’ll be uploading posts and sending out my updates as an email newsletter every other week or so, which you can sign up to receive here. Wish me luck!

Adult Colouring Books

adult colouring books














If you, like me (and I’d imagine every other person living in the modern world) suffer from anxiety, my greatest suggestion is to get yourself down to Asda this second and pick up a £6.99 zen colouring book. Because if the green and gold dreamy cover doesn’t make you swoon, sitting down with your very own pack of colouring pencils for 10 minutes of colouring time, certainly will. I scoffed a little when I first heard of the concept of an adult colouring book – come on, we’ve not regressed that far have we? But seriously, when I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed with work I whip it out and spend a serene five minutes forgetting my troubles. It also allows your mind to wonder in a way that you can’t really do while you’re checking Instagram, while watching OITNB and chatting on Whatsapp, so that you may even come up with a new idea or two. Similar versions here on Amazon.

My magic eye detox from Talika

All it takes is a few late nights or a single night of drinking and my eyes turn into puffballs, leading to the inevitable “wow, you look tired”. Lovely. So when I came across the Talika Eye Detox anti-dark circle treatment for fair skin I was desperate to try it. For the uninitiated, Talika is a long-standing French beauty brand renowned for its innovative, scientific anti-ageing skincare and light therapy innovations. And if you ask any Beauty Editor what they pick up when they go to Paris: it’s going to be Talika. The eye detox comes in gorgeous packaging with a roller-ball design which feels amazing when you rub it around the dark circles and unlike some creams and treatments, doesn’t harm the delicate under-eye skin.

Talika eye detox review

The magic ingredient is derived from Brown Algae and delivers a “360 degree attack” on the causes of dark circles, to brighten the eyes and reduce fine lines. I can 100% vouch that it works. Below is an image I took before I started using the Talika Eye Detox and one I took 14 days later. In both I have on Smashbox CC Cream and a little bare minerals powder and no eye make up at all. If you look past the slight lazy eye, you’ll see that my eyelids are less puffy, my eyes brighter and more awake and the fine lines visibly reduced. It’s definitely something I’ll be continuing to use and if you want to get your very own, you can buy it here for £34.00, which considering that I’ve been using it for nearly three weeks and have barely seen it go down, is quite the bargain.

Talika eye detox review with before and after images

















To show our love for the brand, we’re also holding a special giveaway for one of the Talika Bio Enzymes Purifying Masks worth £9.00, a treatment which will change your skin in just 20 minutes, cleansing imperfections and mattifiying and tightening pores.

All you have to do to enter is to follow The Full Agenda and Talika UK on Twitter and tweet this message to let us know! The winner will be announced Sunday evening at 6pm so get in quick!

Talika giveaway purifying mask













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