My Highstreet Clothes Ban

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I spend at least £100 a months on clothes. By that admission, I’m not showing off it’s more of a feeble attempt to take the first steps to admitting I have a problem.

I’m a shopaholic. A highstreet whore. I get my kicks from cheap New Look shoes and ASOS orders. The DPD delivery driver knows my name, for crying out loud – we said hello to each other in Tescos last week. It’s not weird at all.

Here is a list of my most frequented highstreet outlets in all of their basic glory:

– Topshop

– New Look

– River Island

– Primark

– Zara

I’m a complete impulse buyer and there is nothing that makes me feel better than a quick trip into town and a small selection of tops, dresses and shoes picked up from one of these famous five. When I can’t be bothered to wear a bra or make-up, it’s an hour or two lost on ASOS and a basket filled with swimwear, coats and t-shirts, that can be here the next day (thanks James) before I’ve even registered what I’ve done. Again.

Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these stores. Why would I, when they’ve filled my wardrobe with glee for so many years. They’re perfect for a quick fix, or to help you feel on fleek (cringe) for a big night out. What I have realised however, is that by impulse buying in the same three or four shops over the past few years, my wardrobe goes through seasonal stages where barely anything lasts longer than 6 months and it all just looks, well, rather samey. That’s what this type of highstreet fashion is for after all, it’s disposable. Which means, that I now have a wardrobe full of flares, culottes, off-the-shoulder tops and block heels which I’m pretty sure will all have been ebayed or archived by this time next year.

Banning my high-street ways

There are so many new designers, independent boutiques and amazing bloggers showing off charity shop/vintage buys (this dress on Hannah Gale is what dreams are made of, no?) that I desperately need to switch the impulse togs for some of them. Or even just start to branch out into shops I’ve never purchased from before, that don’t reside in my home town.  To find the type of items that I can pair with more than just one very specific pair of jeans.

To find new clothes and shoes that make me feel amazing, that I can wear to multiple occasions, safe in the knowledge that not everyone else will be wearing the same. To find things that perhaps cost a little more, that only allow me one purchase per month, but that feel amazing and look even better.

So I propose this: a ban on all highstreet purchases from the five stores above. Until at least the end of the year (it feels scary writing that, I must admit). An end to cheap dresses and say-nothing tops and a foray into the exciting and as-yet unexplored world of boutiques, new brands, designers and buys that make magazine types say ‘wardrobe staple’.

Can I do it? I’ll let you know….


If you have any designers/boutiques/loves that could help educate my fashion palette PLEASE jot them down in the comments below. I need all manner of new ventures to stop me from returning to New Look and drowning myself in cheap ballet flats. And to start the journey, here are a few lovelies from stores I’ve never shopped at that I’m already coveting in my new found shopping wisdom…

Highstreet fashion ban


Free People Intimately Wildflowers Crop Bra

French Sole Black Suede Love Heart Pumps

Jigsaw Men’s Grey Wool Cashmere Mixed-Gauge Crew Neck Jumper

Tory Burch Perry Tote


 (Cover image from Zuhair Murad Spring 2015 Collection at






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  1. Jess Debrah / August 13, 2015 at 1:01 pm /Reply

    I need to do this. .but with Primark only. I can’t tell you the times I aim to just look and I buy all this stuff. Yesterday is a prime example! ! I want to have classic pieces that I won’t regret buying.

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