It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Only people who have worked in a restaurant understand how simultaneously fun, horrific, soul-destroying and hilarious it is as a day job. Mainly, because of these 23 things:


1. When a customer decides they want to sit somewhere different. Right after you cleaned the table up for them.

Things people who work in restaurants know

2. When someone puts up a ‘Yay Friday’ status. Do they not know you have to work every weekend?


3. Customers who walk in 5 minutes before closing

Things people who work in restaurants know

4. When someone in the restaurant finds out your name and repeatedly yells it across the entire room


5. Trying to write down an order when you still have the shakes from last night’s after-work session

everything hurts gif

6. Not smoking and seeing the joy that those 2 minutes of outdoor time brings to 99% of your colleagues


7. Shouting ‘f*** you’ and storming out in the middle of a shift.. only having to return ten minutes later because, you know, there are tables to buss and shit

Sheepish gif

8. Watching the newbie repeatedly walk through the wrong door/side of the pass


9. Customers who tell you how delightful you are and how great your service was. Then leave 60p as a tip.

Things people who work in restaurants know

10. Having to write in kid crayon because your goddamn pen can’t keep itself in your goddamn apron


11. Having to smile at the indulgent parents who think it’s okay to let their child dance around your ankles

23 Things People Who Work In Restaurants Just Can't Even

12. Fighting the battle between not wanting the busy section but knowing that it makes the best tips


13. Being judged for eating a table’s leftovers …BUT MY LAST BREAK WAS LIKE 15 HOURS AGO

23 Things People Who Work In Restaurants Just Can't Even

14. Not having someone around to cover you while you crouch down to eat


15. Seeing that someone else is on the same break time as you when all you want to do is curl up and nap

Restaurant workers

16. The boss who interrupts your hilarious Friday night anecdotes by telling you to get back to work. Every. Freaking. Time


17. People who say they’re ready to order, when they’re clearly anything but

23 Things People Who Work In Restaurants Just Can't Even

18. Forgetting to put someone’s order in and having to offer your colleagues/Chef/ first born child up for blame


19. Swappage. Any sort of menu swaps, substitutions or changes. Just die. No really, do.

Restaurant worker eye roll

20. Tables who share a free refill soda. That is all.


21. Avoiding all eye contact with the table who you knew should have had their food, erm, about two hours ago

Restaurant worker gif

22. Deciding between whether you want it to be a slow day, because, hungover. Or a busy day because of how badly you need the tips.


23. Having to eventually leave your restaurant buddies behind to get a real job

Working in a restaurant

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