Jessica Psaila, 24, owns and manages PSAILA PR – a boutique PR agency which she founded a year ago. She also manages her widely successful Blog ‘The Beauty Room‘ which was created in 2011. She lives in Canterbury, Kent with her boyfriend.

Jessica Psaila Profile - Psaila PR  Jessica Psaila Profile - Psaila PR Jessica Psaila Profile - Psaila PR

I usually wake up around 7.30am and find myself checking my emails before my eyes are even properly open. I think that’s one of the things that comes with running your own business – you’re instantly switched on as soon as you wake up. I then send my morning tweets for each of the brands I work with and check out all of the daily news, both general and showbiz/celebrity, as well as Vogue Beauty – I have to be sure that I haven’t missed anything that could be relevant to the brands I work with.

I work mainly from my office at home, so my desk usually starts off extremely organised in the morning and then by the end of the day is a mix of magazine cuttings, empty coffee cups, lip balms and lists..lots of lists! I made a promise to myself when I started working from home that I’d burn candles on my desk and always have fresh flowers to keep me calm and lift me up so I make sure I stick to this whatever else I have going on…it works!

When I’m working from my office at home I normally put my gym kit on as I spend my lunch hour at the gym- but If I’m heading into London for meetings I always dress up and wear clothes that make me feel good. It’s important that I always represent my agency in the right way so I aim to be approachable but confident and always on-trend, which usually means my take on the current trend, but with a twist.

My main priorities throughout the day are replying to emails- I hate keeping people waiting. I also spend time responding and scoping out editorial requests, as well as planning the week of social media, visuals and posts for each of the brands I work on and researching feature ideas. My afternoon is usually set aside for writing blog posts and articles for my brands, arranging reviews and events- or if I’m in London I’ll usually be seeing clients, having meetings and visiting venues.

Throughout the day I try to eat lots of brain food so lunch could be scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado, or fresh fruit with greek yoghurt and a handful of nuts. I start the day off with coffee and drink lots of water throughout the day to keep me focused and hydrated. For dinner I try to have grilled fish or chicken with spinach, brown rice or grilled veg- I always eat healthily when I’m working from home, as on the days I have meetings in London I often meet friends for dinner and pizza is my first choice! As soon as the weekend arrives I love a takeaway or carb infused dinner- spaghetti bolognese is my favourite.

My main job satisfaction comes from when I take on a new client that I feel proud to represent and that I know I can make a difference to. I also have a great sense of satisfaction when I secure great coverage for clients and can see their brand growing as a result. My business is my baby so everytime I take a positive step I feel proud. It can be challenging at times and I do have to take risks that I’m never 100% sure will pay off but I just have to go with my instincts and have faith in myself!

My love of beauty first started when I interned on the editorial teams of Vogue and Grazia, while I was at Uni studying Journalism. This led to the birth of my beauty blog ‘The Beauty Room’ which started off as a hobby to document my love for the beauty industry, but soon grew, allowing me to make connections and work with some truly amazing brands. After I graduated from Uni, I worked at The Evening Standard Newspaper and then on the press teams for a luxury jewellery brand and L’Oreal Paris. Alongside my ‘day job’ I started to take on freelance PR work and was also writing Beauty features for the Metro online. The more freelance work I did, the more I enjoyed it and I started to get really busy, until it got to the point where I had to make the choice between whether to stay at my job or break out on my own. I figured, if I don’t take the risk and opportunity now I might never do it and I didn’t want to look back on my twenties and wish I’d gone for it, so I took the leap and started Psaila PR. I seriously have never looked back, it’s been the best and most exciting decision of my life.

It’s difficult to say what time I stop working in the evening – I’m the type of person who won’t relax until my work is complete so I’d always rather get it done then lie there thinking about it, which can sometimes mean working until gone 11pm. In the evenings when I’m not working I either meet friends or family for dinner and drinks or dedicate the time to updating my blog. To unwind, I like to have a bath, paint my nails and write about beauty products – the words of a true beauty addict!

My one piece of advice to someone starting out in the same industry is to not put barriers up in your mind of what you can and can’t achieve- you can do anything you put your mind to and the opportunities are endless. It sounds like a cliche but you really do make your own destiny.

You can view Jess’ work at The Beauty Room or follow her on Twitter @jessicarpsaila

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