Hannah Gale, 24, is a Senior Reporter for and also blogs about all things fashion, lifestyle and beauty at She lives in East London with her cat Rudey.

Senior Metro Reporter Hannah Gale Senior Metro Reporter Hannah Gale Senior Metro Reporter Hannah Gale

My alarm goes off at 6am and I snooze until half past, usually while having cuddle time with my cat. I tend to take a bath the night before and have managed to reduce my ‘getting ready for work’ routine down to 20 minutes, so when I get up it’s straight to my mirror for hair and make-up.

I work from 8am – we’ve just moved offices, so my Metro desk is a mess, cluttered with old magazines and post its. At home I tend to sit at my coffee table, watching MTV repeats whilst I work.

There’s no actual dress code for work but I tend to go smart-ish. I love midi skirts and fine knits and am obsessed with accessories. I layer pendant necklaces, and style outfits up with clutches and chunky heel sandals. A lot of my stuff is vintage or from charity shops but H&M and New Look are my go-to high street shops.

I usually start my day with poached eggs on toast and a coffee around 10am, I struggle to eat before then. Lunch can be anything from a McDonalds to a tin of soup.

After I finish at 5 I’ll either come home and work on my blog, attend press events or go for dinner with friends. Unfortunately, I’ve got into a bad routine of drinking wine or cider most weekday nights but If I’m not out for dinner with PRs or friends, I like to spent time with my cat, get on top of chores, have a long bath and get an early night. For dinners at home I like experimental salads with lots of chorizo, cheese, sweet potato and guacamole.

Digital journalism is adapting all the time so I spend a lot of time at work analysing what our competitors are doing wrong or right, to ensure we can keep up and produce work that performs well. The best thing about my job is when I get feedback from girls just like me. Waking up to a tweet saying I’ve made someone’s day is the best thing ever.

Before I got my job at I did a journalism degree at Kingston university and had worked various internships, both for big brands and start ups. I did go through a phase when I was 18 of wanting to be a Glamour Model – I was even in Zoo magazine. Fortunately my love of cheese and wine has ensured my body is not quite up to lad mags standards so I’ll stick with Journalism- it’s insanely addictive. One of the most rewarding things is when you see your work go viral. One piece about sex for the Metro has had 250k shares so far, whilst a blog post about growing up in the naughties has had 3million views. It’s insane.

The best advice I can give someone wanting to follow a similar career path is just to keep going. It’s so easy to give up when all your job applications are going unanswered, but be pro-active. Follow every brand, publishing house career department and journalist on twitter, start blogging, and pitch freelance work to whoever will listen. You’ll get there.

You can view Hannah’s work at or follow her on Twitter @hannahfgale

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