Sometimes, it seems as though the rest of the world has got it in for our generation. They call us lazy and self-obsessed and say it’s our own fault we can’t get jobs and mortgages. They seem to forget that in spite of a recession, souring house prices and low wages, we have developed many qualities and traits which help us to survive in a World that’s fair from perfect, but one which we claim as our own. In short, here are the 8 reasons why the older generations need to stop worrying. We’ve got this.


1. Millennials Care About The Environment

While the majority of the world sticks their fingers in their ears and pretends that the freak storms and soaring temperatures are products of some sort of ‘dust cloud’ from halfway across the world, our generation knows slightly different. We understand that our generation and those who follow, are in a race against time to save the planet we live on and that it’s going to take a little more than turning a light switch off to achieve it.

While the current government drones on about the deficit, tax cuts and free school meals, our generation understands that little of it will matter if the land we live on turns to water. Unfortunately, it may be a little too late before our generation gains enough of a voice, or a vote, to do anything about it, but in the meantime our friends at publications such as Vice, Elite Daily and Stylist Magazine are going to give it a damn good try.


2. We Aren’t Afraid To Speak Up

Born out of generation who preferred to brush things under the carpet, our Generation likes to get things out from the under the carpet and up on the internet, usually through a omni-blog/vlog/social media campaign. We aren’t afraid to speak up, mainly because we aren’t afraid to be different. We know our opinion is respected, if not agreed with and we expect to be listened to when we do decide to air it.


3. Passion, Rather Than Money Is Our Driver

This means we honestly care about the work we do. Unlike many generations before us, we can’t be bought for the best price. Company culture is just as important to us as salary range and we’re more likely to ask about the work/life balance at a company than the bonus scheme. It’s not that we don’t like money – we’re more than aware of our worth. It’s just that we know that there’s more to life than working ourselves into the ground and if it doesn’t work out for us at one company, we’ll join another or start our own. For our generation, passion is everything.


4. We Want It All And Know We Can Have It All, Too

People say Millennials are entitled, that we expect everything and are forever filled with a sense of disappointment because our expectations can not match that of reality. This is partly true – we do want it all. We’re rarely happy with the hand we’ve been dealt and we’re always looking for a way to reshuffle the pack. But why is this? Because we know we can have it all. We’ve seen people like Ryan Blair, come back from ganglife and become a Multi-Millionaire. We’ve seen girls like Zoella, turn blogging into a full-on franchise and inspire millions of young women around the world. Our generation knows that anything is possible and we aren’t afraid to work until we get there.


5. We’re Open Minded

While there is still a way to go in issues such as gender equality, racial discrimination and LBGQ rights, our generation is a lot closer to getting there then the ones before us. We are subjected to less TV programmes where the token black person appears because the station has a quota they need to fill, or school classes that are 99% white, British. This means we’re more open minded and we welcome diversity, whether that’s through sexual preference, race or anything else.


6. Millennials Get Wanderlust

This is something else which helps to open our minds – we travel. Our generation is noted for its sense of Wanderlust, a strong desire to travel and see the world, one that rarely let’s us stay still for long. This could be for a weekend trip, a gap year or to setup camp. We know that our life is not limited by the town or City we grew up in – there’s a whole world out there and we’re ready to explore it.


7. We’re Philanthropists

Our generation has much more awareness of social situations outside of our own, than many that came before us. We know that there’s more of a story to the homeless guy we see on the street and we’ll often take a moment, to stop and chat, or buy him a coffee. We aren’t afraid to approach people who are less fortunate than ourselves, because we want to help. When we see riots in the streets, we’re more likely to ask about the motives than we are to blindly condemn the actions. We’re under no illusion that we can fix the world but we’ll give it a damn good try.


8. Generation Y is Real

As the first #generationblog us millennials can be defined by our tendency to not hide behind anyone or anything. The girls we admire, are the ones we can watch on Youtube. The type of girls who film from their bedrooms, who don’t always wear makeup and who occasionally cry at the shitness of life. We still love celebrities, but we’re under no illusions about what it takes to get a face like Kim’s or a booty like J-Los. We’re the first generation who are making some way in breaking down the barriers on mental health issues or gender equality and that’s because we are unafraid to hide who we really are.


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