Welcome to the first (official) week of the Brag List. Designed to give you an update on all things interesting, fun and good for conversation starters when you get into a lift with just your boss and have the overwhelming urge to shout ‘BOTTOM’. Here’s what we’ve been loving and reading up on this week…

Is KIKO the new MAC?

KIKO, the Italian makeup and skincare brand, only recently available in the UK, has been on my radar for some time now after a friend described it as “the new MAC”. Surely not, I pondered. After all -it’s so cheap! £7 lipsticks and £3 eyeshadows – what is this wizardry! I had to get myself down to their Regent Street store to give it a whirl IRL. On first impressions, the store is crazy busy so don’t go in there expecting a serene shopping experience. Secondly, if you do go in – head straight downstairs. It has pretty much the same stock as the upper level but with enough room to get near everything without getting a mascara wand to the eye. The key pieces I was looking for was a new foundation with good coverage, a berry Autumn lipstick and a shimmery eyeshadow light enough for day wear.

My mini-haul did not disappoint. I was amazed by the choice – pot after pot of shimmery eyeshadow, buttery lipsticks and foundations that looked suitable for all manner of skin types. I went with the ‘Unlimited‘ foundation (a few blogger reviews had led me there for better coverage rather than the ‘Second Skin’ which may have appeared a more obvious choice), a Smart lipstick in Rosewood, the pencil lipgloss in Natural Pink and Infinity eyeshadow in Pearly Champagne. Unfortunately Unlimited was not all that I’d hoped for – while I liked the finish on my face and the coverage it was a little drying across the t-zone and did not take well to being applied by a brush (see image below – #nofilter). I’d say I’ve bought slightly cheaper (Unlimited is £14.90 a jar) drugstore foundations which are easier to apply but at least it wasn’t within the £25+ price breaks. The eyeshadow was lovely – perfect for what I wanted although it definitely did feel more budget than MAC-nificent. Luckily, the lipstick was everything I’d dreamed of – and more. Not only is the colour beautiful and THE ideal shade for Autumn-transitions, it slid on like a dream, felt lovely and moisturising on my lips without looking too glossy and managed to stay put. Now usually when I wear lipstick I find it over my cup of team, my face and the sofa but this baby stayed put for hours without a smudge in sight. Magic!

Is KIKO the next MAC


If you love MAC lipsticks but find them slightly drying then KIKO is 100% the brand for you. And at £3.90 a pop, I’ll definitely be stocking up on more of their lipsticks and glosses next time I’m in store, with maybe just an eyeshadow or two for luck.

Are Robots trying to steal our jobs?

That title feels very Bicentennial Man, but there have been so many articles lately in everything from Wired, to conventions like CES, talking about the role of Robots in our future that it feels worth discussing. The concept is that so many parts of our world are becoming automated, that repetitive jobs could be the first to switch over to a place where human input is obsolete. While it’s true that some jobs probably will be eaten up by a metal-shaped hole (after all, it didn’t fare well for the Blockbuster shelf-stockers when Netflix began to do a better job at predicting our film choices) but I don’t believe there’s a huge reason to panic. For every job lost, more will be created. Many of our readers are social media managers, content writers and even full-time bloggers – all jobs which were unheard of, even 2 or 3 years ago. The opportunities are there to reinvent yourself, learn new skills and take a gamble on an unknown industry at every turn – the trick is to be brave enough to take them.

Louis Vuitton Series 3

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition

Hello, I live here.

Series 3 is a new exhibition from Louis Vuitton which depicts the thoughts and creative process behind the AW15 collection, under Nicolas Ghesquière’s guidance as Artistic Director. For a free exhibition, this really is a fantastic setup and clever use of space, which takes you deep into the mind of the fashion house and gently lifts you out the outside, with a head full of craftsmanship and fluffy white coats. Book your free slot here – it’s open until 18th October at 180 the Strand.

Once Upon A Time – Series 5

Once upon a time series 5 UK


If you’re anything like me, the site of this bad boy in your inbox this week would have made your toes curl up in glee. I was obsessed with Once Upon a Time since the day I found it on Netflix and realised it was an adult version of a fairytale with one-lines and lipstick goals and even hot Captain Hook type characters. After bingeing 4 series in as many weeks, I was then left bereft until this week where I have to try and feed my soul with one measly episode a week as Season 5 returns to Netters. I might even wait and try to save them up for one hit, it’s THAT good. The more glittery Swan gets, the more I can’t wait to watch. If you’re a fan make sure you hit me up on Twitter or in the comments below so we can discuss the Rapunzel theory in full depth.

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