Watching Netflix, eating and refreshing Facebook may seem like the best way to spend your Sunday – and often it is. But sometimes it’s good to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Not too far- just far enough to try a similarly sluttonous activity that will give you the same warm, glowy feeling you get when you take your first sip of a Gingerbread Latte at Christmas.

Here are the other indulgent ways you can spend your day of rest.

1. Cook a treat

Brownie, cookies, shortbread. Whichever sweet treat is your vice, grab a recipe, some ingredients and spend the afternoon baking. There is nothing more enjoyable than a buttery, suggary treat warm from the oven and if you made it yourself you can eat twice as much. It’s the law. If you’re worried that you’re a bit of a novice in the kitchen don’t worry – flapjacks and certain cookies don’t even need egg so it’s practically impossible to give yourself salmonella.

2. Take a walk (regardless of the weather)

Exercising at the weekend can be a chore. Walking however, is a different matter. Set yourself a certain amount of time and just go wherever your little legs take you. If you’ve got an hour – walk for 30 minutes then turnaround and walk back. It’s amazing at the ideas you’ll have while your legs and mind are wandering. If you’re feeling a bit fed up about your hometown this will also help you to reconnect and discover some of the more hidden spots that you may not have otherwise noticed.

3. Read something cover to cover

How often do you get the time to just sit and read? Give yourself the whole afternoon to just catch up on your reading. Settle down in the garden, in bed, in the bath or wherever you feel most comfortable, with a stack of magazines or a good book. Reading is like a vitamin for the mind and when life is a little bit shit, it will take you away into another world.

4. Write something

Everyone has at least one good story in them and with the rise of self-publishing sites such as Medium, it’s now much easier than you think to see your name in shiny comic sans. Many great sites (like this one!) will also accept guest posts from writers, so if there’s a topic or issue you need to get off your chest try writing about it. It’s super cathartic and could even lead to some new opportunities.

5. Make a moodboard

There is nothing that will make you feel more content then taking a pair of scissors and a Prickstick to a batch of magazines and turning the scraps into something inspiring. Think ideas for your apartment, Winter wardrobe or next career move. Polyvore is also a great online tool where you can create a board within minutes and browse for fashion, home decor and style inspiration.

6. Learn a new recipe

Cooking is a skill that dates right back to our ancestors, as a way of surviving but also of socialising and playing a role within civilisation. With so many online tools and tutorials there’s no excuse not to learn how to cook at least one signature recipe. Below are a few simple but mouth-watering ideas to get you started and if you make it mega good, you might never have to learn another one.

For Beginners: One pan Fondu Mac n Cheese (via The Londoner)

For Intermediaries: BBC Goodfood’s Oven-baked Leek and Bacon Risotto

For Pros: Gordan Ramsey’s Italian Meatballs 

7. Go for breakfast

Breakfast in bed is fun but breakfast out is even better. Not only can you try something new but it’s the only time when it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in a three course meal by 11am. Add a friend or two and it becomes a full on Sex and the City experience. Now all you have to work out is who gets to be Carrie.

8. Give yourself an MOT

It can be easy to skip out on personal grooming throughout the week. Monday morning’s good intentions soon vanish by Wednesday and before you know it you’ve sacrificed applying foundation for an extra ten minutes in bed and are using a dirty sock as a scrunchie. The weekend is the time to reclaim your beauty regime and make yourself feel great once again. Indulge in a salon treatment or massage where you can, but if you’re low on budget you can also just run a bath and give yourself a little self care in the form of a manicure, pedicure or home hair treatment.

9. Have a post-breakfast nap

You know what’s better than having a lay-in followed by an indulgent breakfast? Having a lay-in followed by an indulgent breakfast, followed by a post-breakfast nap. This may seem like the peak of the L word but really – how often will you ever get to do this again?


What’s your one guilty pleasure that you like to indulge in on the day of rest? Comment and let us know.

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