We made it! Welcome to February. Somehow, last month felt like the longest one in history and between the snow/sleet/rain/wind combo and the 6 week wait for payday, ’twas a long old January. More importantly, with February comes the promise of bigger and better things. Valentines day, the booking of holidays, (slightly) warmer weather and a meagre four week wait for yet another payday. What’s not to like? So here’s what we’ve been doing this month in our new Downtime round-up – a look at all of the things we’ve been enjoying, that you absolutely have to know about.



SlimCha teatoxing review

Heard of Teatoxing yet? It’s about to get BIG. And in our tea-obsessed generation what could be more satisfying than your favourite ritual, combined with all the magic of a two-week long detox. The last few weeks, I’ve been testing out a popular 14-day teatox from SlimCha – a new startup who have a range of 100% natural teas, which can help you with everything from poor digestion, to dry skin issues to low energy. Because Christmas was just a little bit indulgent (turkey sandwiches. everyday.) I decided to go for the SlimCha teatox for weightloss, designed to boost metabolism and increase fat breakdown. After two weeks of a cup a day, it’s clear to see why Celebrities are raving about it – the difference in your energy levels are clear and that doughy-bloatedness you often get after a heavy meal? Gone. It’s seriously the most minimal effort I’ve ever had to put into looking and feeling better. Let me know if you’ve tried Teatoxing yet in the comments below…I think it’s going to be huge!



Kale. It sounds pretty weird and it doesn’t look nice, but pop it in the oven with a sprinkle of salt and it tastes amazing. Like a cross between crisps and popcorn but with hardly any calories and no guilty after-taste. Certain sandwich bars sell bags of kale chips but if you can, try making your own. That way you can snack guilt free and know that what you’re eating is 100% veg and not something that’s masquerading as veg but is really closer to a preservative-stuffed crisp. Your body will thank you for it later.



Actiderm beauty range review

There’s no better way to start a new year than with a fresh new beauty routine and after the drying, wintery weather we’ve been having I know that my skin can always use something a little rich and indulgent. That’s why the Actiderm range is perfect for a skin reboot. The cleansing and purifying range has been created as an effective and non-aggressive aid to unclog pores, limit breakouts and encourage the renewal of new cells – getting rid of that grey, pasty look that my skin seems to love so much come February. The best thing about the range? The Ultraderm Night Cream. It’s one of those rare beauties, that once applied, sinks into the skin but that keeps your face feeling soft and plump, right through until morning. Take a look at more from them here



If you only read one thing this year, make it ‘Me Before You’ by JoJo Moyes. It’s quite honestly, the most heart-warming, toe-clenching story and as it’s going to be made into a film later on this year, do that thing where you preserve the magic by reading the book first. To give you an overview, Me Before You tells the story of Lou Clark, a small-town girl, caught in a dead end job who gets made redundant and ends up caring for Will Traynor, a spoilt ex-City brat, who finds himself Wheelchair bound after an accident. To find out the rest you’ll have to read it….(and it’s less than a fiver if you get it on Amazon – bargain right?)



To stop the bribing. If you saw last week’s post you’ll see that I was questioning why we’ve become a generation of bribers, who use treats in order to make ourselves do everyday tasks that we don’t want to do. It’s a hard habit to get out of, but I’m determined to give it a try and would love to hear if you find yourself doing this too. Comment below and tell me what you think- and let’s get down to what really makes us think that we need bribes in order to just get by.

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