When you are a student you learn a lot about yourself. You also learn a lot about friendship, relationships and your tolerance to tequila (still zero no matter how much you consume). No other point of your life will ever be quite the same and when you look back at Uni, it will be the experiences you remember; not the stuff you learnt in your lecture hall or seminar class.

These are the 12 experiences every student has at University:

The drink experimentation

Snakebite. Rum. A questionable, substance called ‘Vodkat’ which definitely has no relation to Vodka. The only rules when it comes to alcohol at Uni, is that there are no rules. As long as it’s cheap and can be consumed in it’s entirety before the cabs turn up, it’s good to go.

The cooking

Don’t be fooled, you will predominately live on Noodles/Cup a Soup/Pasta Bake for 90% of your Uni life. Until 3am that is. Because at 3am, as we all know, you suddenly become Delilah fucking Smith. You uncover the hidden ability to create an absolute feast. Bacon and egg butties, chicken curry – christ, I once had a friend who would come home and whip herself up an entire toad in the hole. Those early hours are undoubtedly the student’s time to shine in the kitchen. The only time, usually.

The making friends

Every twenty something can make friends in a club bathroom. But when you go to Uni, your portfolio of friend-making abilities suddenly expands. Your lecturers may not know your name, but the bouncers, bar staff and Ken’s Chicken employees sure as hell will.

The getting drunk

T’is the law.

The caffeine and sugar overdoses

Every student has pulled at least one allnighter in their time, usually fuelled by Red Bull, Monster, those three-for-a-pound bags of sweets and extensive amounts of chocolate. Follow this up with a full week living on white bread toast and you’ll have enough sugar in your system to last you through to graduation.

The morning after the night before

Often filled with self-loathing or disgust (unless you’re still drunk) the morning after the night before is often more eventful than the night itself. Commons activities include calling everyone in your phonebook to try and piece back together the hours between 10 and 2, finding endless receipts and begging your parents to replace the money you drunkenly spent.

The illnesses

There is nothing like a germ shared, when it comes to your University experience. If it’s not enough that you suddenly have the immune system of a 90 year old, it also takes you twice as long to get rid of anything. If you’ve not found yourself mixing Lemsip with your pre-drink Vodka at least once in your Uni experience, you probably should go back for another go.

The getting kicked out

The majority of University students will go on to become completely respectable members of the general public. The type of people who will throw dinner parties and own at least two sets of cutlery. Proceeding this, they will get chucked out of a nightclub at least once a week. It will, of course, be totally unfair and the bouncer will be on a ‘total power trip’, but regardless of the cause, you’ll frequently find yourself outside the club within an hour of entering it.

The sick

In the bathroom, your bed, the wastepaper basket, a saucepan (this actually happened). There will be so much sick throughout your University experience that you’ll sometimes wonder if it’s just a three year long Barf-A-Rama.

The wanting to quit it all

At some point throughout your Uni experience, it will all become just too much. You will hate Uni, hate the shitty Student life and want to leave. You will pack your bags, go home for the weekend and return on Monday with a belly full of homecooked dinner, ready to carry on as normal.

The tiredness

Oh the tiredness. The University experience is not dissimilar to having Gladudular fever. For three years. No matter how much sleep you get, you will always be tired. This is mainly due to living on a diet of white bread, alcohol and one of those industrial sized bags of pasta, yet you will still try to sleep your way out of it.

The laugher

In years to come, when you look back at your Uni experience, you will mainly remember the laughter. The laughter with friends, the inappropriate laughter in lectures and even the laughter in the library as you cobble together your final dissertation.


Your Uni experiences are some of the best you’ll ever have. Enjoy them.

Beth Gladstone

Beth is a Writer and Digital Marketer who founded The Full Agenda as a place to talk about the things that kept her and her friends up at night. Currently working as a Marketing consultant to various SMEs she is a big fan of the startup market and loves technology, apps and anything social media related. When not obsessively checking Google Analytics, she can be found reading, writing or relaxing with a glass of Prosecco.

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