Our girlfriends are one of the most sacred things in our lives. They’re the ones who get us through the shit and out of the other side, usually with some laughter along the way. They’re our chosen family, our crew, our tribe and once you’ve found some good ones, you’ll never want to let them go.

All of us have different types of friends and these often change throughout our lives, but below are the 7 types of friends every girl needs at some point in her lifetime:


The Bad Influence

Often your ‘partner in crime’ the bad influence is the good time girl you turn to when you want to get really, really drunk. She’s always up for a laugh, knows all of the cool places to go and can wag your way onto any guest list within a 30 mile radius. The bad influence sometimes gets a bad rep with the more sensible among your friends, but we all need one in our lives because she’s the only friend we can turn to in certain times of need. Full of fun, life and laughter, this girl is the bad bitch you wish you could be if you weren’t so scared of what that 10th tequila might do to your dignity.

the bad influence friend every girl needs


The Radiator

So called, because this is the friend who radiates passion, success and glass-half full motos wherever she goes. Unlike some people and friends, who quite literally suck the joy and happiness out of any situation, the radiator fills everything around her with good vibes. She’s the friend who has a kick-arse career, the ultimate capsule wardrobe and more time for you then you would ever believe. This is the friend who you go out to dinner with and come away, full of passion about something you’ve discussed or a new idea. The radiator is a friend who wants you to feel better about yourself because she recognises how fabulous you are even when you don’t yourself and she also understands that your success in no way diminishes her own.

the radiator friend every girl needs


The Mother-Earth

Nurturing, caring and kind, this girl is the mother with no judgement who can make you feel better in just about any situation. She was the one who baked cookies at Uni and sent you flowers when you were having a down day. Every girl needs a mother-earth in her life who can provide her with love and care, sans judgement. She’s got a heart of gold and lucky for you, it’s big enough to house your entire group.

The nurturing friend every girl needs in her life


The Realist

This is the friend who tells everything as it is. Completely honest and bullshit free, she’ll listen to your problems, take it all in and then come back with a killer response that you just would not have seen. The realist can come across as intimidating to people that don’t know her, but underneath the straight persona, you know she tells it how it is because she cares. Once you’re past the first stage of a breakup and the Mother Earth has provided you with as much chocolate as you can handle, you’re going to turn straight to the realist so that you can be told what’s what and get over that loser, doublequick.

Lucy Watson awkward friend


The Sister of Stupid Behaviour

This is the friend who has you in complete stitches every time you see her and who you can be 100% yourself with, even if that does involve doing something that might make you look a little stupid. Full of hilarious stories, funny sayings and good times, she’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood. All you seem to do is have fun with this friend and the way you can bounce off of each other makes you feel like a comedy genius too. While other people may not always get your humour or weird fixations, this sister always understands and passes no judgement whenever you decide things need to get a little cray. Full of good vibes and good humour, this girl is the buddy you never want to lose.

friends you can be stupid with that every girl needs


The Work BFF

This is the friend who quite literally, gets you through the day. In other circumstances, you may never have met, but 9-5 Monday through to Friday, she’s the one you roll with and you’re not sure the working week would be the same without her. She’s the one who becomes your partner in crime on fat fridays and who you get drunk with at the Christmas party. And with your Work BFF, there are certain things only you two know…..

The 7 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Lifetime


The Forever Friend

This friend has stood by you through bad haircuts and dodgy boyfriends, underage drinking and boyband fixations. She’s the friend who knows your family as well as her own and who can be filled in on a sitch with just a look and a word. You don’t have to see this friend everyday, because when you do, you can pick up right where you left off. You don’t need to hide anything from this friend because she knows you inside out and after all, you know you’ll forever be friends no matter what.

The 7 Types Of Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Lifetime



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