I’m just going to say the thing you’re not meant to say. Sometimes, I hate summer. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something super-spesh about al fresco dinners and sitting outside past 9pm. But those romantic scenarios unfortounately do not take into consideration hayfever that makes me want to rip my own face off, sunburn and an adversity to the way my thighs look in a mini-skirt. Somehow roll necks, boots and thick winter tights are just so much more forgiving and hide every pack of chocolate digestives you could ever wish to consume.

And let’s face it, it’s never quite as good as we think it’s going to be is it? This my friend, is Summer expectations vs. Summer reality.


Booking of holidays

Expectations: I know, let’s get all of the girls together in March and book a cheap week away somewhere hot and glorious. It will be like that time in Sex and the City where they all go on Carrie’s honeymoon and drink Cosmos and eat fresh fruit on the terrace…

Reality: In the time it’s taken to find a night to meet up and look for holidays, let alone co-ordinate the same week off work to book one, it’s now May and our only options are a week in Malia or that dodgy apartment in Corfu. Which still costs about as much as a two-week all inclusive to Mexico because we forgot that Kate went into teaching and now we can only go in school holidays. Oh good.

Attempting to create the perfect beach body

Expectations: This year is going to be the year. I’m going to cut out the crap, take up Pilates and look like Michelle Keegan. Let’s get me a BEACH BODY (and to make it official, I better go and tell everyone on my Facebook how dedicated I am)

Reality: So apparently biscuit-addiction is a real thing huh? I can’t seem to shake the brunch habit I started over Christmas and I’m not sure where these two pasty sausages come from but they seem to be attached to my hips. Thigh gap? LOLs, at this rate, Ryanair will be charging me extra baggage for them.

Fashion choices

Expectations: Oh ASOS. So much summery, goodness, I need to stock up on Trilbys, floaty skirts and sandals IMMEDIATELY.

Reality: Why does everything in New Look make me look like I’m a contestant in the Miss Bo-Peep beauty pagent? Could I get ONE dress which isn’t floral? And apparently no normal person looks good in a trilby. Who knew.

Summer Beauty Routines

Expectations: Coral nail varnish. Pearly pink lipstick. Be gone dark, miserable colours that were forced on me for the last six months, I can’t wait until I’ve got a tan and all it takes to make me look like Millie Mackintosh is a slick of bronzer and some mascara.

Reality: Shaving every bit of my body every single day of the week? I conveniently seem to have blanked this out. It’s okay to still wear tights right guys? Guys?

Summer Outings

Expectations: Romantic walks through the parks, boozy sunday lunches. BBQs with more meat than I can shake a stick at. BRING IT ON.

Reality: Streaming eyes, a streaming nose and sneezing fits that leave my mouth wide open for all of those delicious bugs just flying around, waiting for a free ticket to my stomach. Anyone for a Piriton?


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Beth Gladstone

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