There’s something about a homemade gift that’s just so much more special than anything you can pick up instore. The little bit of extra time and effort that goes into it means it’s sealed with love and shows how much you care about the person you gift it too. Some people are naturally gifted (excuse the pun) at making homemade presents but for others, I know it can be a struggle. My sister is the type who can turn an idea into something that looks like it was picked up at Selfridges. My efforts look more like they come from the bargain-bucket at Bon Marche. But with these 10 homemade gift ideas, it doesn’t take a pro to knock up something that looks like so much more than it is. And not only will you have fun doing it, but you’ll also save money and become known for your new-found creativity.

Now pop on a Christmas film and read on to find out more….


Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone likes a chocolate chip cookie. It’s practically the law. And the recipe for these chewy, gooey badboys is almost on par with the legendary Millies Cookies. Bake a day or two before the main event, then wrap up in greaseproof paper and candycane-coloured string and you’ll have the perfect gift for those hard-to-please family members.

Get the recipe here

homemade christmas gift ideas chocolate chip cookies


Homemade Scrapbook

A homemade scrapbook is one of the most personalised gifts you can create for someone, filled with memories and happy thoughts that can be cherished forever. Sites such as Photobox will allow you to upload images and have them create it for you, but why not take matters into your own hands, grab a cheap album and fill it up yourself. The author who created the scrapbook in the image below made it as a personal memento but why not create it for someone close to you to show them how much you care?

Read how to make yours here

Gift guide album


Homemade Print

A homemade print is a great way to show someone how well you know them and can be adapted to suit any age or taste. All you need is a loved one’s favourite song or poem and you can easily turn it into something they’d be proud to put up on the wall. Or if you have more time, create your own and fill it with favourite phrases or memories that you have with that special person. A simple online programme such as PicMonkey or Picasa, can be used to create backgrounds and borders or if you want to make it really personal, handwrite it yourself. A simple frame is all that’s needed to finish off this masterpiece and then all you have to do is wait for the (happy) tears to flow!

homemade wall print christmas gift


Candy Sleigh

The little ones in your life will be overjoyed with this fun Candy Sleigh that’s crazy simple to make. Just choose a selection of the best chocolate bars and sweets and arrange with candy canes and string, to make a fun sleigh that will be the best selection box they’ve ever received.

Read more on how to create yours here

candy sleighs for kids


DIY Photo Clock

This is slightly more difficult to create, but a DIY photo clock is a great personalised gift that can’t be bought. Particularly great for friends to keep on their bedside tables and newly weds to delight over, it makes a great gift that can be used everyday, all year round.

Start making yours now

homemade gift clock


Instagram Costers

Homemade coasters are super simple to make and will make the receiver smile every time they take a drink. Choose a selection of Instagram pictures that have light and colourful filters, to make a perfect set for any modern home.

Get the instructions here

Instagram costers


Homemade Gold Leaf Notebook

This home-designed notebook is a step up from your usual A5. The best thing about it, is how simple it is to make – just grab a notebook and get creative with fabric, coloured paper and gold leaf, for a touch of luxury.

Start making yours now

Homemade Gold Leaf Notebook Christmas Gift Idea


Chocolate Sugar Scrub

A homemade sugar scrub is a fun gift idea that can be enjoyed in a well-deserved pamper session as soon as the year’s festivities are over. A scrub can be created using all different kinds of ingredients but for a particularly indulgent Christmassy treat, chocolate is the way to go.

Mix up yours using this sweet recipe

Homemade chocolate sugar scrub gift idea


Handwrapped Soap

The best homemade gift ideas take something simple and turn it into something special. These handwrapped soaps are exactly that, with the added bonus that they look as good as they smell. A pastel colour scheme, like the one shown below, works great but you could also mix it up with something more festive in green and red or a sparkling silver.

See how to create yours here

homemade soap christmas gift idea


Homemade Cinnamon Candle

This homemade cinnamon candle is one of the easiest gift ideas to make. Just grab a sweet-smelling candle and use a strong glue to stick fresh cinnamon sticks around the edges, which will give it a gorgeous spicy smell even when it isn’t lit. Tie up with a festive bow and it will delight even the most house-proud of your loved ones.

Taken from Netmums

Cinnamon candle homemade gift idea



What’s your favourite homemade gift idea? Comment below and let us know!

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