Last week I went along to the Inside Out Beauty event at Grace Belgravia and met the founders of The Elixir Clinic, a luxury health and wellbeing clinic based in the heart of London’s medical district.

One of the main aims of the clinic is to provide luxurious beauty, detox and anti-ageing treatments, including a treatment that’s hot in the press at the moment – the Vitamin IV infusion.

For the uninitiated, Vitamin IV infusions are exactly what they say on the tin – a liquid concoction of vitamins and nutrients injected directly into the bloodstream, through an intravenous injection. Fans of this detox method supposedly include Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and the Delevingne sisters and opinion seems to be mixed on whether this is a revolutionary new detox treatment or just a well-executed example of the placebo effect.

The Elixir Clinic’s Vitamin IV Infusions - Behind The New Health Craze

One of the Clinic’s Vitamin IV Infusions in action

So I decided to catch up with Mahi Aramideh, Co-Founder and Managing Director at The Elixir Clinic and her sister (a title defined by how close their relationship has become since working together), Acaena Amoros CEO and Co-Founder, to learn more about how the treatment works and what the health implications are for your body.

What you do seems to be quite a new and exclusive method of treatment, how did it all start and what made you decide to hone in on this particular method of treatment?

Both of us are trained nurses and have been practicing in Harley Street for the past 3-4 years which is where we first met. Vitamin Infusions have been on the market for the past 30 years – they first started in the States in the 1970s. There are different types of clinics across Europe, including a large one in Austria and also Spain which offer the treatment as a method of detox. Our mentality and what we wanted to deliver to our clients is the same type of detox which includes these immune boosting and wellbeing infusions. You can find lots of medications and lots of drugs on the market to treat every kind of disease and we are trying to avoid this and use only vitamins and minerals to get the best kind of result possible. We try to keep our treatments as natural as possible for inside and out beauty. After working on consultations [during their time at Harley Street], we began to see the benefits of the treatment, which were better quality of life, immunity and energy.


So it’s not just a treatment for those that are ill or suffering then, it’s something anyone can try? (Vitamin Infusions were first introduced as a treatment for Cancer patients).

This treatment is for everyone. They are wellbeing infusions – you don’t need to be sick to have them. It’s to avoid getting sick, improve quality of life and avoid future diseases. Most of us are stressed, we don’t have a proper diet and our bodies cannot absorb all of the nutrients they need or the food that we eat doesn’t contain the proper vitamins and minerals, so the infusions give your body the boost that it needs to function properly. The infusions give a mix of all of the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins to help this functionality.


How often would you recommend that someone has an infusion, is it a one-off fix or an ongoing treatment?

It really depends on what you want to achieve. We always have one to one consultations with our clients before they have the infusion. We go through all of their medical history and they tell us their main concerns and needs and what they want to improve. Dependant on their needs we then advise them of one thing or another, so the treatment for each person is completely different


Is there anyone who couldn’t have this treatment? For example, someone who has food allergies and may have to be careful about what they eat?

This is where we come in. We are here to help to give a full medical examination and have a look at what’s happening inside the body, including people who might have allergies to foods and who might not be absorbing all of the vitamins and minerals they need.

There are no limitations to the type of people who can have this type of infusion. If someone puts on weight and doesn’t know why, or can’t lose weight, they may be allergic to a type of food and not even know it, so we would advise them to do a bloodtest to find out what they are allergic to and then we would treat it through the root problem. Even if something is allergic to nuts or different types of food, that makes the treatment even more successful. The infusions are very good for conditions such as allergies and even depression.


The Elixir Clinic offers a range of treatments, as well as the IV infusions, but would you say it’s the IVs which are most popular?

When a client comes in, we see them as a whole package – we try to treat them in total rather than just treating one specific problem as behind every single problem there is something else coming up. So what we are doing is offering full packages including body cleanses,  liver cleanses, detoxes, various different types of really specific blood tests and colonic irrigations.


So the IV infusions are part of the treatment then, they’re not the full treatment?

We advise the client to have one thing or another depending on what they want to do. For example if they want to lose weight, we will also have them see the nutritionist alongside the detox.


What are your favourite infusions? (The Elixir Clinic offers a range of infusions including Antioxidant, Hair Growth, Antihistamine, Fitness etc.)

Mahi: The fitness infusion is amazing, the amount of energy it gives you and for your skin. If you have the fitness infusion and then go to the gym, instead of coming out feeling exhausted you come out and you’ve got a lovely glow and your brain is functioning better

Acaena: I love all of them. All of the infusions are really different and I try to mix all of them to ensure I get all of the benefits


And lastly, why did you choose the Grave Belgravia to have as your second presence in London? (The Elixir Clinic are based on Wimpole Street but also offer treatments at Grace Belgravia in Knightbridge)

We had the opportunity to be here and they have the same type of mentality that we have about what we do. They fit perfectly with our treatments as they are also healthy and look after the well being and in and out beauty. They also have an amazing team.


So after talking to Mahi and Acaena, it’s clear that there’s much more to these treatments than first meets the eye. Unlike the ‘quick fix’ potions and lotions dispensed all too readily at the pharmacy, these infusions are part of a new approach to wellness which looks to address the underlying health issues which lead to other, more serious, conditions. I can’t help but think this is less of a beauty ‘craze’ and more of a 360-degree approach to wellbeing that is surely the future for all good healthcare practices.

And if they help me to look anything like the clinic’s beautiful co-founders, I think I’ll be the first in line!

Co-founders of The Elixir Clinic Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh

Co-founders of The Elixir Clinic Acaena Amoros and Mahi Aramideh

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of Vitamin Infusion IVs or the type of treatments the Elixir Clinic specialise in, head over to their website at or checkout their Facebook page at

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