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When I was at Uni I was pretty good at keeping in touch with people from home. I spoke to my Mum and my best friend daily, I messaged friends endlessly (it was the era of BBM) and I had just enough calls and texts to stop me from getting homesick. But the real treat? My Nan used to send me letters. Just general letters about what her and my Grandad had been up to, sometimes handwritten, sometimes typed up. But they were always my favourite thing to receive because do you know what’s better than almost anything else? Receiving good post. Especially when it’s a surprise.

We all get text messages, emails and DMs on a daily basis but when was the last time you received a really good piece of post? Something that made you smile, that you pinned up on the wall, or kept to read again later, or even put on Instagram. It certainly doesn’t happen often enough and it’s why we’re introducing our new #PostcardCheer campaign.

postcard cheer

All you have to do is submit your address and everyday for 30 days in August, we’re going to be sending out a personalised postcode to a special person: you. It’ll probably be a little somethin’ somethin’ from Paperchase because where else do you buy the best postcards? And what we’ll write is a surprise. But you can guarantee it will make you smile, or laugh and that your day will hopefully be just that little bit better, because of your Postcard Cheer. And because we want to spread the word, in 10 of the postcards we’ll be adding an extra blank postcard, with a stamp already attached so that you can send it to someone you love. Because we all need a little more personal post in our lives that isn’t bank statements or pizza leaflets. Now what are you waiting for? Sign up here:

I want Postcard Cheer

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  1. Sally Page / September 21, 2015 at 6:13 am /Reply

    Love this idea! I founded my fountain pen company Plooms because I love getting Letters (and believe some words should be written in ink!)

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