Hair is such a big symbol.

Perhaps it shouldn’t be? We throw so much weight onto how we look and how, that in turn, makes us feel that we often gift our hair (faces and body) with the power to make or break a day. It’s where the term ‘bad hair day’ comes from and I can completely sympathise. On the days where my hair doesn’t go right I don’t feel like the best version of myself. I’m still me – just with perhaps a little less confidence.

Four months ago I took bottom-of-boob length hair that I’d been nurturing since around 2013 and cut it all off into the fashionable ‘lob’. It was a BIG deal. My poor sister (my very own personal hair stylist) endured endless months of do-I-don’t-I, Pinterest mood boards of Rosie HW and Jenna Dewan-Tatum, as well as me reporting ‘I think I might be sick’ when the actual time came to remove eight inches.

Luckily, I loved it.

Shorter hair makes me feel older, more confident and more ready to tackle the business world at least. It’s also kinda sexy, to be able to push your hair back with one hand and not get stuck in tangles, leaves and the odd Haribo. Long hair gets tangled in everything. 

Which brings me to where I found myself on a Tuesday evening in July. Sitting in the waiting room of one of the most chicest salons I think I’ve ever frequented. Daniel Galvin is a name you might recognise. In the 60s he was the man creating Twiggy’s iconic blonde look, in the 90s, he coloured Princess Diana’s second gorgeous crown – her hair. An OBE for services to hairdressing later and he owns salons in George Street, The Corinthia, Kensington and of course, now Selfridges.

Daniel Galvin at Selfridges

The Selfridges salon is where I arrived, a little breathless thanks to a late taxi driver and a little rain, ready for a 5pm appointment with Simone Restay, the salon’s Director Stylist.

Here’s how my experience went down…

The framing

Firstly, I was a little awed as Simone looked over my current cut and talked me through what he thought I should have based on my bone structure, length and lifestyle. We both agreed that the length was fine, aside from a little trim of the rough edges and some straightening of where it had grown into a point to make it more chic. He also suggested a few layers around the side and listening to my concerns – as someone who prefers to brush-and-go (sometimes without the brush) I didn’t want anything too high-maintenance that was going to poof without warning. Simone completely took on board my concerns and we settled on keeping the back heavy, with a few light layers on the sides to frame the face.

The hair treatment

Next it was off to the basin with the lovely assistant, for a Kerastase Fusio Dose treatment to fix dry end and fly aways – which in itself is a marvel of science, chosen bespoke to your own hair type and needs. This was the most relaxing ten minutes I’d spent all week – possible all year! The ambience in the salon is settling as is, but add a head massage and a delicious treatment that smells like angels and the most succulent fruit imaginable and you’re dropped lightly into heaven. I usually like a chat at the hairdressers but it was truly so much more relaxing to be left with my own thoughts and the sensation, as my head was massaged and the treatment left to soak, before a delicious warm wash.

The cut

Next it was back to the chair and the artist Simone (which he clearly is) set to work. He was detailed at every stage – explaining the layering, how he would finish the fringing second and then asking if I would mind tipping my head to get a better bounce (of course I wouldn’t).

Simone Creative Stylist at Daniel Galvin Selfridges

The finish (and the secret hair tips)

Once dry, Simone set to work curling with a hot wand – something I’ve wanted to try for an age but have never got round to. He explained the secret to those Rosie HW tousled curls that are simply never achievable with your standard GHD straightener – trust me I’ve tried. The secret? Well you’ll have to go and see Simone yourself to find out…

Finished results of a hair cut at Daniel Galvin Selfridges


I was so happy with not just my finished cut but the entire DG at Selfridges experience. It was completely soothing for the soul and yet indulgent at the same time, with just the right amount of friendliness to make you feel like a welcomed old-timer, despite it being your first time. I will definitely be treating myself – and my hair – to a trip to Simone’s chair again.

It truly reminded me that a new haircut is so much more than a few lost split ends – it has an innate restorative power and for that, it’s worth every penny.

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