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What do you do? Twenty years ago this was a question that was easily answered. Accounts, Marketing, Sales, Law. Now? Well now it’s slightly different. Everywhere you look (or every Twitter profile to be more accurate), there’s a multi-hyphen career trend growing. The Blogger/Photographer/. The Marketer/Copywriter/Aspiring Fiction Author. The Social Media Manager/Bath Bomb Maker.

It seems that we’re no longer content with just one career, we want to create a wider pool where our talents are stretched and our eggs are in more than one basket. It makes sense doesn’t it? Here are some of the ways it’s affecting the traditional career path as we know it:


It doesn’t seem too coincidental that the rise of the career slash is synonymous with the rise of blogging. Whereas a second job used to include working behind a bar at the weekend, the rise of blogging has allowed women (and men) around the world to start their own online empire, right from their bedroom. Many a hyphen of this growing workforce contains ‘blogger’ in there somewhere and a blog is the perfect place to reinforce who you are and your career aspirations. Looking to get into styling? Create a blog of your best shoots. Thinking about a make up line? Grow a million followers interested in your tutorials. Blogging and the ease of setting up a blog (squarespace anyone?) makes it easier than ever for us to get this multi-faceted career on the road.

Creating Options

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never found working at the same company for fifty years that enticing. There are too many options, too many paths to take and too much desire to create something that works my way. There is also a comfort in creating your own empire – something that is led by you that can’t sack you if it needs to make cutbacks. Having fingers in a few different pies is a mix of creative entrepreneurship – turning a passion into a job and security – becoming your own boss and safeguarding your future. Because it seems as though too many women were burnt by maternity policies that never let them return and male-orientated workplaces that didn’t take them seriously enough.

Working freelance

The 9 to 5 (which has always been more 8.30 – 6) is changing. We’ve realised that we’re happier, healthier and more productive when we’re not chained to a desk and late night emails. Creating a slash career often means organising your work life balance and creating one that does you – what’s not to like?

Traditional recruitment

While traditional industries still want you to commute in on a tube strike, there are others that are adapting. Industries such as marketing, design and tech startups, are all becoming more  willing to embrace a talent pool who have skills in different areas, with the compromise of letting them work from home or have flexible working hours every now and again. Others will need to follow if they want to attract the best people. This also means traditional recruitment will need to change – because how can you list your skills on a CV when you run an online store, create YouTube videos, design websites and photograph a mean flat lay all at the same time?


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Beth Gladstone

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  1. Jess / August 9, 2015 at 10:16 am /Reply

    I loved this post! I am a blogger/ digital marketing manager/ founder of fbl bloggers. I quit my job as 9-6pm chained to a desk didn’t suit me and left me with low options. Freelancing is the future!!

    • Beth Gladstone / August 11, 2015 at 7:28 am /Reply

      I so agree Jess! I think for our generation freelancing is so much more attractive. I quit my job and went freelance 6 months ago today and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! X

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