With Autumn and Winter fast approaching, September is often the time when we leave long summer nights and lazy, sunny breaks behind us and instead start thinking about all the delicious activities that come with the colder season. Christmas may be a way off yet (despite what Tescos seems to think) but birthdays can also be slightly more complicated throughout the Autumn months, when the weather’s unsure and our tastes are changing inline with the new ‘school year’ season.

To get you through that last little stretch before Christmas we decided to round up three unique and inspiring gift ideas that any friend or family member would love to receive this Autumn. And if you can’t resist treating yourself as well, they’re all reasonable enough that you can probably afford two.

1. The 80s Sweater Clutch from Create and Case

Is there anything better than a gift that comes with a great story behind it?

This gorgeous ‘80s Sweater’ clutch bag has been produced by Create and Case – a brand that creates everyday items with a difference. Founded by someone who felt that the world looked too bland, Create and Case work with a select group of artists to turn their art into beautiful accessories that can be used in everyday life. After seeing how successful their unique phone case designs were, Create and Clutch have now teamed up with 8 handpicked artists to create a series of exclusive clutch bags.

80s Sweater clutch bag from Create and Case

’80s Sweater’ clutch bag by Jacqueline Maldonado and ‘Substitution’ phone case by Mason Denaro

This ‘80s Sweater’ design is one of two exclusive AW14 designs, inspired by the Retro sweaters that are ideal for the start of the chilly season. With a bold design, created by artist Jacqueline Maldonado, this bag is vibrant enough to ensure that your Autumn Winter wardrobe will never be dull. The clutch’s design is printed on high-quality vegan leather and the lining of the clutch is hand stitched, with an inside zip to keep all your essentials safe.

Perfect for: Your best friends birthday. Although, if like us, you love it too, at just £22.99 you can probably treat yourself aswell.

Where can I get it? Order yours here


2. The Life Story Book from Suck UK

As the heroic Maya Angelou said, ‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’. The Life Book is a sweet gift idea that will allow your loved ones to document their lives through thoughts, notes and sentimental mementos, all in one gorgeously bound, grey book.

My Life Story Gift

With gentle prompts throughout by season, age and life event, it’s impossible not to be enticed to share those everyday moments with this gift and make it into something really special to look back on. This can be used as a scrapbook, a book of mementos or a log from a parent who wants to always remember the funny comments, achievements and milestones their little ones shared in their first years.

Perfect for: A wedding present or new parents.

Where can I get it? Buy it from Suck UK for £35.00 here


3. Personalised Marshmallows from Boomf

If Instagram is for sharing those special moments, then Boomf is for eating them. What may seem a little crazy at first, is actually a really lovely way to create a personalised treat for your friends or family, that uses their favourite Instagram shots.

If you’re a little skeptical, just see how happy they made these lovely folk:

Personalised marshmallows from Boomf

Boomf are great as a surprise treat as they come in a cool little box, which you can send direct to a friend or family member along with a personalised gift message. You can even select their own Instagram photos by choosing ‘My Photos / Followers’ on the image picker page.

Boomf marshmallows in their box

Best for: A friend who deserves a treat

Where can I get them? Order yours now from Boomf


Which out of the above would you love to receive? Let us know which gifts you think are great in the comments below

Beth Gladstone

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  1. Jenny / October 1, 2014 at 12:38 pm /Reply

    Love this! Definitely need to get myself one of those clutches they are beaut!

  2. Sofie Green / October 7, 2014 at 12:42 pm /Reply

    What lovely ideas :-) thanks for sharing. I think I’d end up keeping it all for myself though :-)

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